2019’s Trendiest Home Renovations

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As home designs start to evolve and favor a more streamlined look, people can expect home trends to remain along these lines while allowing them to express their style and individuality. If you’ve been thinking about giving your home a much-needed makeover, this year is the perfect time to make things happen finally. Many homeowners are looking forward to all these new design trends that they can apply to their homes.

The year 2019 is a very exciting time in the industry, as many new designs and products are getting introduced in the market to offer homeowners a more extensive range of choices. Interior design experts have pointed out that smarter use of available space, more vibrant colors, and more elegant pieces of furniture for sustainability. If all these things excite you, here are some of the easy ways these interior design trends will work for your space:

Adding Natural Elements to Your Urban Home

Tech-centered home decorations dominated last year. This year, experts suggest that moving towards fresher, more natural materials for your home is the smarter choice. This includes adding touches of copper, stone, granite and concrete to your space to help give it a more serene and organic vibe while still highlighting the critical areas of your home in Sudbury, Ontario, such as your windows and doors.

Making Smart Kitchen Upgrades

One of the most popular areas for upgrades is the kitchen, and this is where more homeowners are focusing their energies on when it comes to making significant design changes. An excellent way to start is by replacing old cabinet systems with an open one. Open cabinets are not only functional. They’re also the best way to showcase all the dishware you have instead of just letting them sit inside a closed area. So, this is a renovation trend that many homeowners will see more of this year.

This year may also be the best time to replace your home appliances. Go for matte types instead of stainless steel for increased elegance. Compared to stainless steel, matte finishes are less susceptible to smudges and dirt.

Making the Most of Available Small Spaces

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As tiny homes and downsizing become even more popular, 2019 is seeing more interior design trends that cater to much smaller spaces. Step into any furniture store, and you’ll see how many designers have incorporated this idea to all their designs. So, for this year, make it your goal to maximize whatever small spaces you have at home and make them more multi-functional but still reflective of your creativity. Consider getting convertible furniture, standalone closets, fold-out storage and curtains that may work as room dividers to save more space and be more minimalistic in your approach.

Home renovations are always about applying the right designs that are functional but still up to trends. It may not be the time to say farewell to open-concept floorplans yet, but these are the trends that are surely going to be at the top of every homeowner’s and designer’s list. It’s no longer just about simple kitchen remodels and color changes on your walls. Be bolder and make this year the perfect time to make that switch.

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