3 Signs You Need to Install New Decking

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Should you splurge on a new decking? The average cost of installing a new deck stands at about $25 per square foot. So, that’s a question you should answer satisfactorily if you want to be sure you are spending money wisely. Here are tips to determine whether you should install new decking:

1. You entertain a lot and you need more space

Do you love to entertain? Well, you are not alone in this. Research shows that the average American household spends about $2500 to entertain each year. But you may only have limited space indoors, which leaves you with a dilemma: how to accommodate extra guests in your home.

You could choose to rent a venue for entertainment purposes. But that could be costly in the long term. So, it may be better for you to install a deck instead. Most decks, including Class A fire-rated decking required in California and other states, are raised. That means you can use them to extend your living areas to the outdoors. This would increase the amount of space you can use to accommodate guests.

While it will cost you some money upfront, it will save you money in the end because you will use your deck for a long time to come without paying rent. When you are not entertaining on your deck, you can spend time with your loved ones in it, being close to nature.

2. You need to improve your garden landscaping

Are you happy with what you see when you look at your garden? Then it’s time for a change. There are many ways you can design your landscape. But one way to improve your backyard is by incorporating a new deck within the design.

A well-designed garden with beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, and stonework is nothing if your deck is an eyesore. You can change the deck flooring, include some wall art, bring in some outdoor furniture, and paint over problematic areas. Doing all these things can help unify the design.  And that will improve the attractiveness of your outdoor space.

3. Your current deck is a health hazard

residental deck

When your deck poses health hazards to you and your loved ones, it’s time to make some changes. Some of the health concerns you should watch out for include carcinogenic stains and solvents used on the deck surfaces and potholes that can cause falls and sprains. Others include loose and broken barriers that can lead to falls and other injuries and rotting or missing floorboards that can cause people to fall through.

A new deck can be a beautiful extension of your home, expanding your entertainment area while giving your garden a fresh look. It also becomes a necessity if your old deck has become a health hazard, putting your family at risk of falls and injuries every single day. But like any other home improvements, make sure to choose the right material and contractor to make sure you’re getting value for all the money you will spend on a new deck.

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