4 Possible Reasons Your AC is Not Working Properly

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Air conditioning (AC) systems make the indoors habitable during the hot weather. When the temperatures are high and your AC is not blowing cold air, the heat yields discomfort. As a result, you feel uncomfortable and agitated. You will want to go out or think of a place where you can relax and feel the cool breeze touching your skin.

Air conditioners are complex systems that aim to achieve the correct combination of temperature, pressure, and airflow to work efficiently. Due to its complexity, there are different factors that could make your air conditioning system dysfunctional. When this happens, you are in big trouble, especially if the outdoor temperature is extremely hot. If your house is not insulated properly, the heat of the sun may seep into the indoor environment.

It is, therefore, best to hire professional AC repair services in Riverview, Florida once you notice a problem. Complete Pro Air cites some of the reasons your AC won’t blow cold air.

1. Clogged Air Filters

Air filters attract dust and dirt particles, which accumulate over time. If you have not checked your filters in a long time, it is possible that they are clogged. A dirty air filter will inhibit air flow; therefore, preventing your air conditioner from releasing cold air. To prevent air filter clogs, make sure you change the filters at least once a month.

2. Leaking Refrigerant

Technician checking a leaking ac unitA refrigerant is a gas that cools the air. Over time, the system undergoes wear and tear, causing tiny holes in the pipes. These holes then cause leakages and as a result, the cool air fails to come out of the AC. It is advisable to contact a professional AC repair specialist when your AC does not cool the air inside your room or house. The technician will check the refrigerant and perform the necessary repair work.

3. Improper installation

If you recently installed your AC and it is not cooling your home, chances are it was not installed correctly. In addition, installing the wrong size of an air conditioner will affect its function and efficiency. That is why it is important not to do the installation yourself or ask anyone you know to do the installation for you. A professional knows how to install an AC system properly. This will avoid any problem in the future; therefore, keeping you away from unnecessary repairs or replacement.

4. Wrong thermostat settings

Wrong settings on your thermostat can affect the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. For example, if the thermostat temperature settings are different from those of the air conditioner, then no cold air will come out. If the thermostat is set to AUTO instead of ON, it might not blow cold air as well. Resetting your thermostat could resolve the issue.

It is always frustrating when your AC is not working as expected. Regular professional maintenance will help avoid or resolve any problem, regardless of the cause. The reasons discussed above should also direct you to take an informed step to restore your AC to its normal working condition.

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