4 Ways You Can Prevent False Alarms

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False alarms are never fun. They are a nuisance, costly, and a waste of public resources. Thousands of fire patrol and police hours are used to investigate alarm reports only to discover that they are false alarms. You need to make use of the following tips to ensure that your alarm system sends signals when necessary and that you do not cause worry among your neighbors.

1. Report faulty equipment

You should contact your alarm system provider in Utah immediately if you notice something wrong with your home alarm system. Damaged components in the system might cause false alarms. Do not wait until your alarm system gives a false alarm. You should also ensure that your alarm system provider correctly installs and maintains the system regularly to prevent false alarms. Do not forget to ask your provider for more advice on how you can prevent your alarm system from giving false alarms.

2. Know your codes

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A large number of false alarms locally are a result of misusing the key tag or entering the wrong keypad code. You can prevent false alarms in your home by creating an alarm code that is easy for all the family members to remember. However, be cautious not to create a code that burglars can easily guess. Make sure that you inform all your family members when you change the code. Also, make sure that you wait for the disarm acknowledgment tone when using the keypad code or key tag before you enter the house.

3. Use pet-friendly sensors and keep pets in their place

Pets usually play around your home and the compound every day. When they wander around the house, they set off motion sensors that activate the alarm, which creates a false alarm. You can prevent false alarms caused by pets by using pet-friendly sensors, rather than forgoing the use of motion detectors. Ask your provider if they have this kind of alarm system.

4. Secure all doors and windows

You should consider keeping all your doors and windows shut as a way of protecting your home and preventing a false alarm. Make sure that you close all windows and doors before activating your security system. With an open door or window, children or pets can play around, getting inside the home and going out over and over. This might cause a false alarm. Hence, it is better to just keep your doors and windows shut at all times. Also, be sure to disarm the system before you open a door or window.

You should use the alarm system often so that you get used to it to prevent false alarms. The tips above will help homeowners to reduce resources, time, and effort spent on attending to false alarms. Make sure that all family members have been trained on how to use the security system. You do not want any member of the family to cause a false alarm from time to time. Finally, see to it that you buy your alarm system from a reputable and trusted alarm system provider.

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