5 Indications That Your Furnace Requires Repair

When does your Furnace Need Repair

The only thing you notice when your furnace is fully operational is a warm and comfortable home. Businesses also require a functional furnace to ensure maximum productivity in the workplace. As such, it is paramount to maintain furnaces to keep them operational, which includes furnace repair. You don’t want to expose your family to a chilly and uncomfortable environment when the furnace breaks down.

Unfortunately, furnaces are not exposed to regular issues like pipes; thus, homeowners have to be keen to notice a faulty furnace. However, heaters are prone to neglect. People should look out for these signs that indicate that a furnace is faulty and take necessary measures before the fault gets worse. Make sure that you hire a professional to inspect the furnace whenever you notice these signs:

Neglect of the furnace

Consider the last time you hired a technician to check on your furnace. If it has been more than a year since the last annual maintenance, it can be an indication of a looming crisis. During the maintenance routine, the technician replaces the filter once every month as it should, as well as check on other parts regularly.

When to tell your Furnace needs Repair


Furnaces are made to last for 15 to 20 years. It lasts for only those years when you keep it in excellent condition. It is time to think of a furnace repair in Draper if the unit has already hit the 15-year mark and it has started experiencing issues. Watermarks or a rusted furnace is an indication of issues inside it, which should be addressed immediately.

A pool of water surrounding the furnace

Furnaces leak water and gas, and the former is less dangerous than the latter. However, that doesn’t mean that a water leak should be ignored. Water leaks in furnaces are an indication of clogged condensate line. You can check for water leaks by checking for water pooling close or under the furnace. You should hire an expert to inspect the furnace for water leaks and repair it immediately.


Furnaces produce noises, but if yours begins making weird sounds, you should hire a furnace repair technician to inspect it. Popping and squeaking sounds are a sign of a loose part. Squealing sounds indicate a faulty belt or motor, and a scraping noise indicates a metal that is rubbing against another metal, which is an issue with the blower wheel. Don’t ignore any weird sound from your furnace.

High heating bills

Your furnace might not be functioning well if you notice a noticeable increase in your heating bills. You should consider hiring a furnace repair technician to repair your heater to cut on your monthly heating bills. An abrupt rise in heating bills is one of the clear indications of a faulty furnace.

You should be on the lookout for these signs. Make sure that you hire a technician to repair the unit when you notice the signs. Don’t let the signs catch you off-guard. Also, make sure that you schedule for annual furnace maintenance to save on unnecessary repair costs.

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