A Dose of Vitamin Sea: Why You Should Head to Australia

Sea near Western Australia

In a world obsessed with productivity, it’s sometimes difficult to find time for some much-needed rest and relaxation. That’s why when you do get that precious opportunity to finally get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you have to make the best of that time. Some people equate quality vacation with time spent outdoors, like going to the beach. Whether you just want to find a place for some quick rest or you’re looking to build patios in Sunshine Coast offers a vast array of spots to soak in the sunshine and catch some waves. Here are some reasons why you should head off to the Land Down Under for your dose of vitamin sea.

There are plenty of scenic beaches

Australia is filled to the brim with beaches in almost every corner of the country. From popular urban coastlines to more secluded spots where you’re more likely to interact with wildlife than with humans, there are plenty of seashores for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking forward to spending your time surrounded by a sense of tranquility and calm, you could head to Orpheus Island for a true island escape experience and a shot at diving and snorkeling. You can also go to the laid-back seaside town of Coral Coast, home to the Ningaloo, the world’s largest fringing coral reef. For more adventurous travelers, you can try learning how to surf on the Sapphire Coast or swim with dolphins on Jervis Bay.

The Australian food scene is something to look forward to

The country boasts a flourishing and truly diverse culinary scene imbued with tradition and a dash of innovative modern touches. Australia is home to a range of top-notch restaurants both from the big cities as well as from the countryside. An example of which is Melbourne’s Attica wherein unusual native ingredients and local produce take centre stage.

For cheese lovers, there are plenty of places in the country that offer unique experiences as well as quality produce, just like the Bega Cheese Heritage Centre. Here, visitors can sample a vast array of fresh cheeses as well as learn about the cheese making practice in the area. For a more complete experience, you can partner this cheese with wine from over 60 wine regions, including Tasmania’s Tamar Valley.

Surround yourself with rich history and a diverse culture

Australian war memorial

With a history that dates back to at least 50,000 years ago, Australia’s Aboriginal people have a truly rich, living culture that had a big influence in shaping the country into what it is at present. Visitors can get the chance to immerse themselves in the oldest living culture in the world. Every corner of the country can provide an insight into a number of stories and experiences that are unique to those places and their Aboriginal inhabitants. Aboriginal people offer a vast array of activities and tours. You can try catching fish, taste bush tucker, or the food that they have dined on for thousands of years. You can even marvel at the amazing scenery and ancient rock art galleries, among others.

One of the largest countries on Earth, Australia has plenty to offer the throngs of guests that come to its shores. From relaxing vacations at some of the world’s best beaches and amazing restaurants to enlightening experiences with Aboriginal culture, the Land Down Under has everything for anyone looking for a great way to spend their well-deserved vacation.

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