A Guide to Removing and Redecorating with Custom Made Roman Blinds

When it comes to giving your living spaces a fresh, updated look, one crucial step is preparing the room for redecoration. In the realm of interior design, custom made Roman blinds play a pivotal role, adding a touch of sophistication and style to any space. At DesignSolid, we understand the importance of meticulous preparation before diving into your decorating endeavors.

In the pursuit of a flawless finish, it’s imperative to remove elements like blinds to prevent unwanted paint mishaps. Steven, from Inexterious Painters and Decorators, shared a valuable tutorial on removing Roman blinds efficiently.

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The process involves carefully pulling back the blinds, and exposing the levers necessary for removal.

These custom made Roman blinds often feature intricate designs and are secured with velcro, making the removal process straightforward. Steven demonstrates the use of a flathead screwdriver and his finger to delicately pull out the levers, ensuring a seamless transition during the redecoration process.

One notable tip Steven provides is to confirm that all levers are pushed fully to the right before lifting the blinds off. This ensures a smooth removal process without causing any damage. As you embark on your redecoration journey, consider the elegance and versatility of custom made Roman blinds, which can effortlessly complement various interior styles.

In conclusion, custom made Roman blinds not only add aesthetic appeal to your space but also demand careful handling during redecoration. Stay tuned for more insightful tips and tricks to enhance your home’s design aesthetics here at DesignSolid.


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