Best of Both Worlds: How to Pull Off the Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

It’s not surprising that more homes are sporting the modern farmhouse look. It’s the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, of rustic and urban, or of old and new. It creates a mood of nostalgia, a throwback to those good times at your grandmother’s house many summers ago, while also reminding you of the chic styles you always see in interior design magazines today. What’s great about the modern farmhouse style is that it’s easy to pull off. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips:

Prioritise practicality

This is a given in any interior design, but in the case of the modern farmhouse look, you have to pay extra attention to this because it’s what farmhouses are known for. If you look at old, rustic homes, you will see that every little detail is utilitarian: wood columns for supporting architectural structures, butcher block counters as sturdy surfaces for cutting up raw meat from hunted animals, huge furniture for accommodating large family gatherings, and more. Thus, when pulling off that modern farmhouse style, start with functionality, with aesthetics coming in later. Think about how you’ll use the space so that you can plan out the flow, arrange furniture better, and keep elements from obstructing natural sightlines. From there, throw in the signature modern look by keeping an open-concept floor plan. Differentiate zones from each other with a clever arrangement of furniture.

Mix and match the old and new

Modern living room

This can very well be reflected in your choice of furniture and fixtures. For instance, in the dining room, consider having a long wooden table and match it with buttoned, velvet chairs and industrial pendant lights. In the bedroom, go for a metal four-poster bed and complement it with interior sliding barn doors and soft faux fur rugs. This seamless fusion of rustic and contemporary design elements helps not just in pulling off the look you’re going for but also in blending different textures, which create more visual interest in the space. If you’re not sure yet which farmhouse elements to mix with your modern pieces, the trick is to look for design pieces made of natural materials, reminiscent of the great outdoors.

Be mindful of the colour palette

The hues that you’ll use in the space will tie everything together and help nail the modern farmhouse interiors. Go for neutral colours, like white, beige or ivory on your walls and furniture, then throw in the natural wood tones on the floors and accent pieces. You can look for salvaged wood that has some scratches, nicks and knots to make it look authentic. There are lots of pieces like these in vintage stores, so hit up those shops in your locale. Also, you can search for them online. There are Instagram shops that offer antique pieces that are of high quality.

In the end, your space will look a whole lot better with a modern farmhouse design as you get the best of both worlds: traditional and contemporary. Remember these tips as you pull off this style.

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