Bring a Unique Style to Your Home with Genuine Wooden Ceiling Beams

Minimalist interior design with wood ceiling

Everyone wants a sturdy home that can protect us against the elements or extreme weather conditions. The roof plays an important role in ensuring that everything inside our house is dry and safe, especially during the cold months and when there are hurricanes. However, there are times when we deal with problems in the roof and ceiling, which can affect our quality of life.

Ensuring that every component of the house is in good condition is, therefore, important. It starts with creating the ideal home style and investing in high-quality materials that can last for many years. Exposed wooden ceiling beams, for example, present an architectural counterpoint to hardwood floors or a wooden main staircase. Aside from their structural function, wooden joists may be used as a decorative tool.

Here is how to create a unique style for your home:

Creating points of interest

Decorative rafters draw the eyes and capture the imagination of everyone who will see them. Your home will be the talk of the town if you decide to veer away from common practice. Instead of a closed and flat ceiling, go for something adventurous. Imagine high ceilings with the dome ribbed with real timber.

If the design calls for it, you can handpick old barn wood and place them on the ceiling to create a rustic feel. You may opt for faux beams or textured beams, or stay classic with genuine timber species. The possibilities are endless; you just need to use your creativity and maximise your ideas. You can always get professional help if you think you cannot handle them all by yourself.

Choosing wood varieties

Learning about the key characteristics of wood species can help you make an informed decision. Cypress and White Pine are strong, but Red Oak and Douglas fir have better load bearing capacity. White oak is sturdy, but it is not as easy to work with as other species. Browse online to get the information you need or ask some professionals to have an idea of the different timber species and their characteristics.

There are other factors to consider when choosing the best timber species. Think about cost, sustainability and availability. Which species is the most economical? A certain species may be the most appealing, but it could be too difficult and costly to transport from the other side of the continent. Some builders choose to collaborate with logging companies that promote sustainable practices. Environmentalists suggest that you follow suit.

Reclaimed vs. freshly-cut wood

Carpenter measuring the wood

Choosing reclaimed wood means using a construction material that has already stabilised over time. Meanwhile, freshly sawn timber that just came out of the mills will still be undergoing twisting and checking. If you choose freshly milled wood, you still have the option to go for kiln dried, air-dried, or green. The selection criteria have to be established so that your investment will not be wasted, and put to good use.

Are you ready to consider incorporating exposed wooden beams into the design of your home? Start looking for a reliable supplier of these materials in your location.

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