Build a Tornado-Proof House with Concrete

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Hundreds of tornadoes ravage the US each year — sometimes reaching more than a thousand. These tornadoes caused millions of dollars’ worth of property damage and also some fatalities. Kansas City is often plagued by tornadoes and residents are turning to masonry companies for the solution.

The Dangers of Weather Gone Wild

Tornadoes can be incredibly destructive. One of the most prominent of these tornadoes is the 2013 Moore tornado of Oklahoma. This tornado destroyed more than a thousand homes and caused damages estimated at $2 billion. The Moore tornado caused 26 casualties and hundreds of injuries. Entire homes were swept away, and entire neighborhoods were leveled and left unrecognizable. The energy output of the Moore tornado was compared to the detonation of 600 atomic bombs — and Oklahoma took years to recover from all that devastation.

Kansas is also no stranger to tornadoes. The 2007 tornado that leveled 95 percent of Greensburg is still a reminder of how powerful tornados can get. The tornado took the lives of 11 people — some of them hiding in unsecured basements. Recently, the changing climates have experts alarmed at the possible consequences. Rising temperatures enable tornadoes to achieve greater amounts of energy and destructive power — giving rise to a fear of another EF5 tornado in the coming years.

Protect your Family with a Concrete House

Wooden houses won’t stand a chance against a strong tornado — but concrete houses will. Insulated or reinforced concrete can withstand the 250 miles per hour winds of an EF5 rated tornado. The solid structure of a concrete house enables it to withstand the force of an EF5 tornado with little effect or damage — most of the damage will be from debris that the tornado brings. The structural integrity of concrete and additional reinforcing agents minimize that damage and keeps your family safe. A concrete house will protect all your valuables and preserve fond memories of the home your children grew up in. Insurance may cover the cost of rebuilding a home — but it can’t replace the time and effort you spent on your home and all the memories tied to it.

a house damaged by a tornado

Added Concrete Bonuses

A concrete house may be expensive at first, but that’s the price of safety and preserving your home. A concrete house also has some added benefits like lower power and gas bills. Concrete is a great insulator — keeping your house warm when it’s cold and keeping it cool when it’s hot. Concrete also requires less maintenance than wood and your concrete home can last for several generations of your family. Pesky insects won’t be able to make a home in your house — no more worrying about ants, beetles or pesky termites. Sound easily travels through thin walls, but not through concrete. Concrete dampens noise, giving you an additional layer of privacy. Concrete also comes in various styles and designs. You can make your house as rustic or as modern as you want — without sacrificing strength and durability.

Tornadoes can damage your property, clear your valuables, and pose a risk to your loved ones — but not with a concrete house. Concrete houses can keep your family and your valuables safe from tornadoes, giving you — and not the insurance company — control of your life.

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