Creative Office Layout Ideas for Different Company Cultures

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Many things will work in harmony to make your office the dream of every employee to work in. One of these elements is its layout. Traditionally, employers thought little of their work environment provided it had all the essentials needed to get the work done.

Although this worked in the past, employees nowadays are looking for a place that can motivate them to give their best output and make them look forward to work. It does not take too much to create the best working space in your industry.

With workspace partitions, you can start building an office that will guarantee the optimal productivity of your employees and have clients streaming through your doors to admire your design and work with your brand. Here are some ideas on what office layouts will work for different company cultures.


This is the ideal pick for fast-paced work environments which need a lot of collaboration between employees. When laying out an office which reflects the newsroom culture, desk clusters, flexible seating and open spaces are some of the features you will include.

You can use partitions to group different teams so that your workers do not have to reserve meeting rooms or schedule them. They can instead hold meetings and communicate from their desks.

The Library

This is the ideal choice for workspaces that depend on an uninterrupted focus of their workers and wants to minimize as much activity around an employee as possible. The key features in the library layout include privacy screens, sheltered cubes and a lot of nooks and crannies.

You can also partition various spaces on your floor for conference and “quiet” rooms where workers can hold meetings and take breaks.

The Artist Loft

This option works for industries where highly visual and creative work is paramount such as graphic design and advertising. Here, designers can work alongside one another and benefit from each other’s inspiration.

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The primary features of an artist loft working space are whiteboards, pops of color and large galley desks. You can segregate different artistic sections using colorful partitions.

The Innovation Lab

This is an ideal choice for industries that rely on their worker’s innovation skills. If you are constantly pushing your employees to come up with the next big idea, the innovation lab is your office layout choice. It features idea banks, casual meeting spaces and inspiration boards. These foster the sharing of ideas.

The Light-Filled Space

This layout works for modern offices looking to exude a happy and care-free work environment. It features mirrors, large windows which let in natural light and transparent partitions.

Light-filled offices are the best choice for opening up small office spaces and making them look larger than they are. The natural lighting also boosts the health and creativity of your employees.

Drab looking offices are no longer effective in today’s cutthroat competitive corporate sector. These office layouts are bound to turn your profits around and have your firm attracting your industry’s top talent.

These ideas seem easy to execute, but many elements can go wrong. You should hence get a professional designer to help the elements work and fit your dream workspace.

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