Deep Clean Your Garage in Four Simple Steps

Empty car garage

For most families, spring is the best time of the year for deep cleaning the house. However, that can be a daunting task when taken as a whole. It is best to divide the areas of the house and concentrate on a specific area at a time.

When planning your spring cleaning, some of the priority areas are the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, as they are the areas that are usually occupied. These areas are usually maintained on a regular basis, and therefore, not as messy as areas like the garage. They can pose an overwhelming challenge for many families.

There are house deep cleaning services in Ogden and other major cities, but for the do-it-yourself types, here is a step-by-step guide to accomplish your garage cleaning goals:

1. Take a Grand Inventory

One of the main reasons most garages are so messy is that they are being used as storage spaces, workshops, or even a dumping ground. Thus, there is so much clutter and many items are not even related to the car.

The first step to clean a garage is to take out everything in it, then organize them into categories. To do this, you can use your driveway or backyard area and sort out what you intend to keep and those that you want to dispose of.

This task is not as simple as it sounds. There are decisions that have to be made. There are many projects that fall into the “I’ll fix it later” category. At this point, you need to decide whether the item is still “fixable” or not.

2. Dispose of Items That are Not Used Regularly

Garbage collector pulling the trash binWe have all been guilty of impulsive purchases that were born out of curiosity and amazement. Many of these items may turn out to be less useful than we projected them to be. Some examples are exercise equipment or even buckets of paint that did not match our color.

Most of these items end up in the garage. It’s about time that they are disposed of. If you feel guilty about wasting these items, you can donate them. There are charity organizations that can use these pieces of equipment for their community building projects. In this manner, you do not feel like you wasted money.

3. Scrub, Wash, and Remove Molds

When the garage is clear of clutter, this is the time when you can commence with the actual deep clean. Key areas of attention are oil, gas and paint stains on the ground and even the walls, accumulated dust and the possibility of molds. These can cause discomfort or even disease. Vinegar or bleach is best to remove molds. Using mops with microfiber heads is also good advice.

4. Create Storage Provisions

You need to admit that after the deep cleaning has cleared out your garage, you are likely to store stuff there again. In many cases, the garage is the only place for the clutter. If deep cleaning more often is troublesome for you, the best way is to prepare for this possibility.

If you need to stock items, it is best to organize them to maximize the available space. There are easy-to-install shelves and cabinets that can accommodate up to twice the items than an open space. With all the tools in the garage, it can even be an opportunity to flex your DIY (do-it-yourself) design skills and construct your own. Your garage would be clean, organized and ready for the real world again after taking all these steps.

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