Does Gutter Protection Installation Make Sense?


If you are tired of accessing the gutters to remove leaves and other debris, there is a solution for you. Gutter protection is made to sift all debris before the water enters the gutter. The best of these products do not affect the performance of the gutter. There are various protection types, so you want to be careful about which one you are using.

When bad weather hits Wisconsin, you do not want to be worried about the structural and foundation damage that may befall your home. A simple preventative step you can take is to get a gutter guard system installed by one of the most reputable metal roofing companies.

Before we look at the reasons the gutter protection makes sense, here is a brief introduction to the varieties available.

Gutter Guard Types

aluminum gutterThere are many options on the market today, but the most important thing is to remember that they are not made equal. One of the most common types is the Aluminum Dome System, which is named after screen mesh dome that characterizes the top of the gutter once installation is complete. Unfortunately, its holes are covered with debris in a short time.

Vinyl material is also available. It presents the same clogging problem explained above. Then there is the Bullnose (Aluminum) type, which we must say is much better owing to its bullnose design. You will still have to climb the ladder occasionally to remove debris, but the larger debris falls off as the water flows into the gutter. Now consider the following reasons for installing gutter protection.

1.    Saves Money and Time

The most experienced gutter users know that the key to reducing the need for expert gutter assistance is to install quality gutter guards. Of course, some debris will still collect on top of the system. However, it is easier to clean a gutter guard system than exposed gutters. Gutter guards simply help reduce the number of times you need to climb on the ladder or call for professional cleaning.

2.    Protects The Home

It may be called a gutter guard, but this system offers more than just gutter protection. It prevents ice dams and clogs, in essence preventing damage to several components of the structure including landscaping, foundation, walls, roof and siding. Alone, gutter protection may not prevent the formation of ice dams. However, they prevent debris accumulation thus alleviating ice dams to some extent.

3.    Prevents Insect And Vermin Infestations

Did you know that gutter protection is also highly effective in keeping off spiders, mosquitos, birds, squirrels and the rest? By preventing water stagnation, it provides very little reason for habitation for these animals. Apart from that, the system acts as an effective barrier to the navigation of rodents, possums and birds via the fascia boards to the roof.

4.    Provides Fire Protection

Some areas are extremely prone to wildfires. It is important to have gutter guards as a way of preventing fires. Remember that fire embers, which can travel for many miles, cause most of the spread. Any dry leaves on the gutter can be exposed to the embers and start a fire.

Generally, you will need to compare several gutter options and some investment to have the system installed. After that, you will enjoy minimal cleaning and more protection to your home.

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