Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Contemporary

Contemporary living room

Contemporary is classic. This is what many interior designers and decorators want to believe. And why not? Its look can be applicable to any era. It is future-thinking, and it is geared towards what is to come, usually. Therefore, you can count that your contemporary design can look good for a long time.

However, many homeowners have a hard time pinning down the characteristics and traits that define contemporary design. The look of the design varies from location to location. But among the forerunners of contemporary designs include, mid-century, Scandinavian, and even Japanese. Contemporary design values balance and harmony.

Despite the many different iterations of contemporary designs, some definite characteristics and traits can be observed across them. You may still have a hard time grasping this, but do not worry. Below are some of the most important things t keep in mind if you want your home to imbibe some contemporary vibes.

The Openness

Among the most defining characteristics of contemporary design is the openness of the space. The space is seemingly free from clutter and nonessentials. The openness of the design is often attributed to the clean lines of the furniture and fixtures. Furthermore, contemporary design makes use of light. With that, you should have bigger windows to let the natural light in. At night, the lighting should be bright and elegant at the same time; this is where you may be required to use recessed lighting. This will be easy to install, knowing that there are already kits that you can use.

The Use of Glass and Metal

The materials you use also define the contemporary-ness of your space. As contemporary aesthetics is designed with the future in mind, you will need materials that embody the ideals of the future. In this case, that would be glass and metal. These two work harmoniously, as they are both simply yet sleek and shiny. With this, you can include internal glass sliding doors in your plans.

The Appeal of Wood

Living room with wooden floor

There are variations of contemporary designs that make use of eclecticism. In this context, glass and metal are joined by another disparate material: wood. This is very evident in Scandinavian and Japanese interior designs. But wood has an important role; it is used to complement the hardness of existing metal and glass components. This is why wood is always used as floorboards. When you decide to use wood as flooring, you must make sure that your boards are well polished.

The Neutrality

Contemporary designs are not flashy. They are subtle; beauty lies in the muteness and subtlety. This is why you should use neutral colours. Your best bets will always be white, beige, and even grey. If you still want some pops of colours, you can use muted versions of blue, pink, or even your favourite colour.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to make your home imbibe contemporary aesthetics. Another important rule: keep things simple.

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