Exploring Park City, Utah on a Budget

If you’re itching to explore the snowy slopes of Park City without breaking the bank, now is the perfect time for you to get on it. A 5-day skiing trip to Park City during its peak season in December-February can easily set you back $5000 plus airfare. Slope-side lodgings can go as high as $1,100 per night, but there are those close enough to the slopes pegged at a median price of $475.   The prices go down drastically during the off-season, though. The slopes might be closed for skiing, but Park City never runs out of other fun things to do. Here’s how you can explore more of Park City on a budget.

Go during the off-season

While most people are prepared to pay a premium for that ultimate ski experience, non-skiers would be glad to know that prices can go down as much as 60% during the season. The best time to head on to Park City is in mid-spring when lodging rates go down due to a reduced influx of tourists.

Instead of battling the crowd in January when it is most crowded, consider going in early May when prices are at its lowest. Other notable dates when it is not advisable to go would be during the Christmas, Sundance Film Festival, President’s Week, and Spring Break.

Stay at vacation rentals

snow in Park City Utah Rail Trail

Let’s say your travel itinerary requires you to spend the majority of your time outdoors. It then makes perfect sense to opt for more practical lodgings. Sure, it won’t have a bathtub or luxury concierge service, but it will keep accommodation costs to a minimum, allowing you to reallocate most of your budget to recreational activities. There’s a variety of properties available for rent in Park City, ranging from $200 a night for a 1-bedroom unit to as much as $400.

There are others that fall below the median, but it might be best to read up on reviews prior to booking. You really don’t want to book a property with leaky faucets or, heaven forbid, call for water heater repair while in Park City, Utah. While you want to save up on rental costs, consider choosing a property that is reasonably priced but still has all the comfort features.

Experience other outdoor activities that don’t involve skis

Early May will find Park City quiet and peaceful, with none of the uproars that usually come with the tourist season. Framed by snowy mountain ranges, this renowned vacation spot has a lot to offer other than just skiing. You can choose to fill your itinerary with outdoor activities such as fly fishing and mountain biking. You can also head on up to Stewart Falls for a half-day hike or perhaps try white water rafting if you’re into adrenaline-inducing activities.

Weber River, with its Class I and II rapids, is definitely an experience you can share with your kids. You can enjoy all these activities for less than $500.

There is definitely more to Park City than its snow-capped mountains. Grab your backpack and a travel buddy (optional) and start heading to Park City before summer officially starts.

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