Five-Point Plan for Organizing and Tidying Up Your Garage

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Because most car owners do a lot of work on their vehicles in the garage, this particular space will be cluttered with tools, vehicular parts, and even grease and car paint. Most will just regularly cram items and tools into the garage and conveniently forget about them. If you’re now overwhelmed by the mess you’ve accumulated there, feel free to use this efficient five-point plan for cleaning and fixing up your garage:

1. Planning

Every plan starts off with preparation, and this one is no different. You’ll need to have all the necessary cleaning equipment and storage devices on hand before starting your tasks. You should also take into account your possible expenses to complete your cleaning and organization. Consider that the effectiveness and speed of your task will depend on how much you’re willing to allot for it.

2. Clearing Out

You need a clear and open space for you to be able to clean properly, so begin by bringing all of your stored items out then start identifying and sorting them. Make sure to have every article listed down for easier inventory management. You can have them piled up outside and just group them together according to their use or classification. Whatever is left, which can no longer be used, can be discarded or given away.

3. Cleaning the Area

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Roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up every inch of your garage. Of course, you can make do with simply sweeping the floor and dusting the shelves. However, if you want a more thorough job, let go of your broom and feather duster and grab some scrubbing pads, sponges, soap, and buckets of water to clean out the more stubborn stains. Finish off by hosing down the entire area and mopping up the excess water before leaving it to dry.

4. Organizing Your Gear

Time to take all your items back into your garage, but first you should plan out how you’ll properly arrange and organize them inside. Install your newly purchased shelves, cabinets, wall hooks, and other store fixtures, taking into account the best places to store your possessions. You can take it a step further by labeling all boxes, shelves, and specific spaces so that everything will be easier to find once you’re done organizing your belongings.

5. Repairs and Restoration

There are always parts of your garage that will need repairs, especially if it has been poorly maintained. Start by contacting repair experts in garage doors in Salt Lake City to check your garage door. You can also ask electricians, painters, carpenters, maintenance people, and other professionals to fix up other existing problems and even do upgrades when necessary. If you insist on DIY, make sure that you have the proper safety gear and equipment to complete your repairs and improvements.

Yes, your seemingly harmless garage can become your home’s most hazardous area if you don’t get it tidied, sorted out, and cleaned on a regular basis. The process may differ since not everyone has the same garage layout or problems, but in general you want to tackle the given five points and resolve them before you end up with bigger problems due to neglect. Feel free to add to the list above as long as you complete tidying up and not leave it half-finished.

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