Here Are the Latest Trends in Fireplace Design

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Nothing spells cozy quite like snuggling underneath a blanket while sitting near the fireplace during the cold winter months. This is one of the primary reasons companies such as Comfort Solutions offer their customers the latest solutions when it comes to their heating needs at home. To help you choose the right design for your home’s fireplace, we have summarized the latest trends in fireplace themes that you might want to consider.

Go for simple but chic

If you have a modern glass home, seeing the picturesque view is a must at all times. So you might want to have a simple white fireplace to blend well with your aesthetics. Having a white fireplace can surely give you that comfortable and cozy feeling while letting you enjoy the great outdoor view.

Indulge in luxury

If you want to add a bit of luxurious feel into your home, then you might want to install a full-size marble fireplace that is custom made for your home. It strikes not only a luxurious but also a sleek look, which can greatly improve your home’s overall aesthetics. It also blends well with a wide range of styles and can even complement both a classic and modern home look.

Get that uncluttered feel

Meanwhile, if you are eyeing an uncluttered feel for your home, why don’t you go for a glass fireplace? This type of fireplace is easily adaptable and great for long walls. You can also mount this at different heights.

Add warmth to the kitchen

You may also add a wood-burning fireplace to your kitchen specially designed for cooking. Having one can give your kitchen a Mediterranean charm and can even create an intimate ambiance during dinner parties. It is also great for houses that have a farmhouse aesthetics, as it tends to give a cozier and rustic look.

Make it two-sided

Fireplace in the room

Have you thought of warming two rooms with just one fireplace? Well, you can do just that by building a large fireplace in between two walls of glass doors. This will also help you save on costs since it is less expensive to install and maintain than having two separate fireplaces.

Settle for bricks

A brick fireplace is definitely among the must-haves of many homeowners. And you can make it truly your own by being creative in designing your brick fireplace. For instance, you can add accessories in vibrant colors next to unpainted brick. Or you can also try the exposed brick fireplace look to add to your home’s rustic appeal.

These are just some of the latest design trends that you might want to consider when choosing a custom fireplace for your home. It is best to coordinate with your contractor to see if it is possible and also know if there are any alternatives that will suit your home better. Make sure that your fireplace reflects your taste and personality and that it fits the overall look and feel of your home.

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