Home Extensions: Their Most Famous Forms and Features

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Many families, when faced with space constraints in their home, will consider the most common solution, and that is to acquire a much larger house and put the old property up for sale. While this may seem to be the easiest option, not everyone in your family is prepared for drastic lifestyle changes and finding your ideal home may not be as easy as you may think. One way of working around these constraints is to create home extensions which are more desirable and practical options.

On that note, here are some of the many forms of extensions that you can use for your house:

Dividers and Partitions

The most basic of all the choices available, dividers can create additional living space with little effort and minimal cost. This will suit families that are expecting a new baby or for those that want to create additional rooms for guests, a business or their hobbies. Just put up a divider or install semi-permanent partitions in a large room and you instantly have extra space. There are some DIY and easy-to-install choices available in the market today, and they even come in different designs and colours to effortlessly match your home’s motif or theme.

Granny Flats

Whenever granny flats are brought up, most would always think that it’s only meant for the elderly. In reality, putting up one in your yard whether you have a senior citizen with you or not is still a wise investment as it functions as a smaller home. You can even have it furnished with the basics such as a dining area, kitchen and even a patio or lounge if it’s spacious enough. Other than using it as a possible home office or guest room, you can have it rented out online for additional earnings.

Decks and Patios

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Home extensions aren’t always considered as walled areas since patios and decks count as extensions too. A solidly built deck or a spacious patio does wonders for any home since these areas are perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests. This would mean that you’d have to consider the cost of adding furnishings, décor and even insulated patio roofing to create the right ambience for winding down. And though the price for upgrading this space is still worth less than major renovations, it can still raise your home’s value which is why it’s considered a worthy investment.

Outhouses and Sheds

Now outhouses and sheds are quite common, but they mostly are meant for storing gardening tools, machines and even broken appliances, so homeowners tend to ignore it. However, you should still consider making it aesthetically appealing even if it is usually found in your backyard and mainly functions as storage. After all, it’s still added space for your home, and it should be repaired, maintained and beautified along with the main house.

Home upgrades are a far more cost-effective solution than moving out, and you won’t even have to worry about compromising your family’s comfort in exchange for added rooms. You’d be surprised what a few simple additions can do to expand and maximise your limited square footage. Remember, with some minor modifications and a little effort on your part; it’s still possible to transform and enlarge any constricted residence.

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