How Much Should You Spend on Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Those who plan to remodel their bathrooms this year should expect to spend $10,260 based on the national average, although the typical price range can cost between $5,944 and $14,782. The actual cost might vary depending on some factors, including where you live in the country.

Estimating The Project’s Expenses

A small or mid-sized bathroom can require you to spend between $3,500 and $7,000, while a remodeling project for a larger one can cost up to $13,000 or even more. Your choice of fixtures will also determine the overall price. For instance, a bathtub installation can cost at least $400. A new toilet and sink can cost $130 and $190 on the low end, respectively. Some expenses such as lighting fixtures can be postponed until a later time, primarily if you are sticking to a strict budget.

Most households will usually choose to have a small remodeling project for budget reasons. A standard upgrade consists of changes to permanent fixtures and electrical or plumbing systems. Buying fixtures and appliances from home improvement stores is another way to reduce the cost of a bathroom remodel.

However, ask your contractor if they have access to certain accessories at a lower price. These companies often maintain business relationships with manufacturers, which allows them to procure the items with price discounts. If you plan to use a modern design, be prepared to spend more on materials and the cost of labor.

Price Differences Across States

If you live in Utah, the cost of a bathroom remodel in Bountiful can be cheaper than in Salt Lake City. Those who live New York might have to spend between $9,500 and $13,000 on average. The price in Berkely, California, is higher at an average of around $14,000 to $18,000.

The price difference in these places does not mean that a large-scale project will be less expensive in smaller cities. When planning your budget, it is better to think about the necessary upgrades instead of aesthetic improvements to save on the overall cost.

Essential Bathroom Improvements

spacious bathroom

Consider a hidden-tank toilet installation as part of the bathroom renovation. These help in saving space, or you can choose a low-flow type to conserve water. While these are appropriate for any bathroom, both are particularly suitable for contemporary and modern designs.

If pipes are more of your concern, then replacing old ones with a two-inch drain system will be a better choice. The usual size for bathroom plumbing measures 1.5 inches, but it clogs easily. The installation cost for a two-inch pipe generally fetches for the same price of a 1.5-inch drain system.

In the end, a remodeled bathroom significantly increases the value of your house, which is useful by the time you intend to sell your property. Some buyers even rely on this part of the house to make their purchase decisions. With that in mind, even if you have no plans of putting it on sale, it will still be a good thing for improving the quality of life at home.

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