How Solar Panels Can Affect the Value of Your Home

olar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

Most people know that the use of solar power can help save the environment. However, did you know that solar energy could directly benefit homeowners, too?

Having solar panels can reduce your power consumption and therefore, your utility bills. It can also boost the energy efficiency of your home in Sandy, Utah. On top of these, it can increase the resale value of your property, as well. Experts say solar panels raise a residential property’s value by 4.1% across the country.

The effect of a home’s location on solar panel gains

While an average American home will generally see a 4.1% gain in terms of property value, the amount still depends on the location of the house. In most instances, homeowners from metropolitan areas like New York, Florida and San Francisco gain the most from having solar panels. Although each city has differences in gains, no one here experienced a decline in home value due to solar panels.  

If you are considering installing solar panels in your property, it is highly advisable to consider various factors that can influence its effectiveness. For one, you need to look at the shape of your roof if it will fit the roof panel or if your area receives a lot of sunlight. You should also consider if the energy costs are cheaper in your area compared to other places.

The factors that affect the performance of solar panels


Shade is one of the most common factors that can affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Make sure that you set them up in an area with no shade, as this can significantly influence the output of your entire solar power system. Solar panel experts will perform an analysis to see if the shading in your area will affect the solar panels’ performance.   


The panels should be adequately positioned to maximize the energy that they will be able to gather from the sun. It means that that the panels should face south in the United States to get the most benefits.   

Experts often use solar trackers to determine the proper orientation of the solar panels so that they will follow the sun’s trajectory for the entire day. It is also advisable to use racks to alter the pitch of your roof. Doing so will allow your solar roofing panels to fully utilize the sun’s energy.


Another factor that you need to consider is the temperature. You need to check if the solar panels’ position receives enough amount of airflow throughout the day. Doing so helps decrease the heat of the panels naturally and will even boost the energy efficiency in your house.


Although solar panels require very little maintenance, regularly cleaning them can increase their efficiency. Dust and dirt can build up on the surface of the panels. Thus, affecting the energy that they produce. Simply wiping them with soapy water is enough to remove the dust and dirt.   

man cleaning the solar panels

Making sure that your solar panels are in top condition is a great way to maintain their efficiency. If you are considering using solar power in your home, you need to learn as much as you can about it. Doing so will help you understand a few ways to use it efficiently to help you save money and even boost your house’s resale value.

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