How to Tweak Your Home to Have a Hotel Staycation Vibe

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Before you begin tapping all the new home builders and remodel experts in Townsville, it’s a good idea to check the goods in your home. A full-blown home renovation might not shape up your house in time for hosting your relatives and friends for holidays and special occasions.

Fortunately, you can make your home look, feel, and smell like a hotel in its own right. Here are some nice tricks that you can try at home on your next event hosting activity:

Room Mists, Bathroom Scent Bombs, and Essential Oils

Some popular scents include fresh bamboo, vanilla, and lavender oil. Depending on the mood you are trying to convey, you can take your pick from a variety of essential oils. You can use a manual stick incense diffuser or an electronic-powered one that can diffuse for an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening.

Make sure that the room mist and essential oil diffuser of your choice are able to cover the entire area sufficiently. Another good way to clear and purify the air is by having a sterilizer or a nicely positioned Himalayan salt lamp. Simply make sure you don’t position the Himalayan salt lamp beside the diffuser as the salt lamp can react with your essential oil diffusion mixes.

Score Some Hotel-Grade Bedsheets, Pillows, and Blankets

Luxury hotel linen from specialty stores can make a huge difference. Set up the bathrobes, towels, and quilts on your guest bedroom and make them feel like they are at home, but also in a luxury accommodation. If you have time, you can accessorize further with a bunch of fresh white flowers.

Clean up the AC

It sounds like an incredibly obvious tip, but the busyness of hosting friends and relatives may have you forget this matter. Make sure the filters for your air conditioner are replaced regularly and that it’s generating the optimum amount of coolness for your guests. If you have a guest who has diabetes, for example, they might get cold easily and might need a warmer temperature or a fresh pair of thick socks for their feet.

Ensure That the Heaters and Fireplaces are Working

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Make sure that the hot shower setup is not scalding hot, but just the right amount of lukewarm when your guests approach the bathroom. Put all the towels they will need in an accessible corner and give them their own toiletries. You can also have them take these toiletries home as a souvenir if you package them correctly.

Accessorize Accordingly with a Monthly Theme

It can be helpful to foster a friendlier environment if you stick to themes. You can go with Halloween pumpkin decors for October, lanterns for December, and some nice balloons and flowers for birthdays and anniversaries. Don’t overdo the décor, though, and just give enough to present a theme. Even something as simple as color-coordinating aprons and dish rags to mark a certain occasion can already send a powerful aesthetic message.

Once you are done with all these preparations, sit back and relax with your guests. Ultimately, your own warmth and desire to host a beautiful event will reflect the beautiful exterior preparations you have made for your family and friends.

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