Why You Need to Improve Your Driveway

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More than we realize, the presence or absence of a driveway is one factor that potential home buyers consider. For most people, a driveway is a necessity.

Especially now that most of us barely leave our houses to commute for work or travel someplace else, we want to leave our vehicle somewhere safe.

Most property owners rarely put any thought into their driveways compared to other areas in the house. In fact, if you look at listings, most highlights would be on the kitchen, living room, and garden.

Nonetheless, driveways are just as important, for they are the first area in the house that literally and figuratively welcomes anyone.

Does a Nice Driveway Add Value to Your Property?

It is said that a nice driveway boosts a property’s price by up to 10 percent of its original value. After all, most homebuyers would prefer a move-in ready house. It is a deal-breaker to proceed with the sale for many if there are additional costly repairs. One of which is having to improve the driveway.

This said, here are some other reasons how a nice-looking driveway adds more value to your property.

1. Sets the First Impression

It cannot be denied that the first impression lasts. What potential homebuyers and even visitors see at your driveway sets the standard for what follows.

The driveway is the first area of your home that people notice. How well you keep it makes it stand out among the rest of the driveways in your neighborhood.

A lovely-looking driveway paints an impression that your home inside is also nice looking and well-kept. Otherwise, an unkempt and dirty driveway gives off the impression that your indoor area is also the same.

Given this fact, if you are planning on selling your house, you need to make sure that even at face value, your house is sellable.

2. Offers Functionality

Just as valuable as a nice-looking driveway is, it should also be functional. Ensure that the surface of your driveway is smooth, free of any cracks and holes that could cause untoward accidents and injuries.

A good driveway surface is safe for driving and for playing, walking, and exercising. Furthermore, a good driveway could withstand everyday wear and tear. Opt for materials such as concrete or asphalt as they are durable and cheaper.

Since a driveway practically takes up a fair share of your property, you might as well make it look good.

3. Ensures Compliance With the Law

Most towns and cities have restrictions when it comes to on-street parking. By investing in a driveway, you ensure you have a parking space while complying with the law.

If your driveway is wide enough, you can even have the extra space rented for parking. While earning a few extra bucks, you also help others ensure that their vehicles are safe.


Ways to Improve Your Driveway

These are some of the practical suggestions for you to improve the condition of your driveway.

Necessary Repairs & Maintenance

With daily use plus the ever-changing weather condition, our driveways deteriorate over time. Cracks and chips start to appear, making our driveways look rather unpleasant and driving more difficult.

A simple solution, though, is to have those cracks and holes filled and resealed. Layering asphalt helps prolong your driveway’s functionality.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is the cheapest way to give your driveway a brand new look. With a power washer, your moldy, moss, and grime-covered driveway will look clean, fresh, and new again. You can do this task all by yourself, or you hire a contractor who can handle it for you.


But if the condition of your driveway is beyond repair or pressure washing, you can upgrade it. Replace that cracked and broken concrete driveway with cobblestones, paver bricks, basalt, or even gravel.

Make your driveway look nicer by installing a few solar-powered path lights and some plants for aesthetic value. Also, make your home easily navigable by placing address stones on your facade. These simple improvements are actually a huge game-changer in beautifying your driveway.

Improve Landscape

Landscaping your front yard is also a huge game-changer. Make your home worth it by taking a second look by adding a couple of flowers, perennial plants, some shrubs, or even trees. You could either do it yourself or hire a professional landscaper to handle this task for you.

The value of beautifying your driveway should never be overlooked. Hopefully, these suggestions helped.

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