Interior Design: Flooring Ideas that Will Transform Your Home

Interior Design

Gone are the days when flooring used to be considered as the backdrop of a room, while other areas such as the fireplace and paintings were the focal point. With many flooring designs available nowadays, it is possible to make your floors stand out and set the tone for the room. So, how do you go about it?

Your ideal flooring design should depend on various factors. Good tile contractors in Ottawa will help you to come up with a plan that will not only be comfortable to your underfoot but also create an inspirational twist in your indoor space. With the right inspiration and flooring ideas, you can transform your interior space to a home that you will love to live and entertain your visitors.


Unlike a few years ago when you had to choose between carpets and floorboards, there are many flooring options that you can explore nowadays. Most of the materials in the market are affordable, durable, and come in different colors and patterns. The vast range of colors and textures allows you to create a customized look and feel in your home. Among the options to consider include vinyl, reclaimed wood, resin, and ceramic tiles. For durability and convenience, select flooring materials based on the expected traffic in different areas of the house.

Different Styles

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Just because you installed ceramic tiles in your living room, it doesn’t mean that every other section of your home should have similar tiles installed. Professional designers often advocate for playing around with different styles, designs, and colors to bring out a unique look. Just make sure not to go for very bright floors with dull walls. Besides, you should install flooring based on the way you use your interior. For example, don’t install wooden floors in high traffic areas where they are susceptible to scratching unless you plan to maintain them regularly.


While it is essential to mix different styles, don’t go overboard to the extent that you forget about continuity. There should be some continuity between your exterior and interior sections to maintain your desired theme throughout your home. If you have glass doors, having continuity on your patio gives a sense of your indoors being projected outside. In smaller homes, this projection can bring a sense of more space. You don’t have to use the same floors or tiles; just go for colors and features that will work well for both places.

Making a statement with your floors should be the first thing on your mind whenever you think of installing new ones or renovating your home. Customize every room based on its frequency of use and the theme that you would like to create. There are many options out there that will inspire you to create a beautiful look.

While you can install floors as a DIY project, it is essential to get an idea from the best with regards to themes and continuity. On the other hand, if you don’t have the expertise or time to install your floors, consider getting the leading flooring contractors near you.

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