Keeping Your House Cool Even Without Air Conditioning

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Is the hot weather turning you into an annoying and sweaty version of yourself? Are you constantly irritated because your body cannot take the hot and humid temperature that dominates your day? The only solution seems to be air conditioning, right? Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to pay hundreds of dollars on electricity bills alone. We have to find a way to keep your home interior cool without an AC system.

In Kansas City, spray insulation is an option you have to consider. By insulating your homes better, you can lower the cost of the energy bill and at the same time, help in stopping the further degradation of the environment. Well-insulated homes have regulated temperatures, which means that they don’t use up as much energy as those dependent on air conditioning units.

But if your home has proper insulation already and you still want to keep it cooler during the summer season, here are some tips you can follow:

High ceilings, neutral color tones

Sometimes, the reason your rooms feel cramped and suffocating is because of a low ceiling and the use of dark or warm color tones as the primary color scheme. If you are already anticipating the sweltering heat of the summer season, you can have a mini renovation project where you can remove the false or plaster ceiling to expose the wires and plumbing entirely. This will provide a higher ceiling and the hot air can rise above people, allowing the room to feel cooler for its occupants.

Neutral color tones such as beige, white, gray, and light blue give spaces a cooler atmosphere and ambiance. If you are planning to redesign or renovate your home just in time for the warmer months, choose a color that will bring an illusion of airiness and coolness to a room.

Ceiling fans

Before air conditioning units became a thing, people are dependent on fans to help circulate the air during warmer days. For a ceiling fan to be effective in cooling down a room and creating an artificial breeze, you need a ceiling of at least nine feet in height. Otherwise, there won’t be enough space for the air to circulate. You might be better off installing several wall fans in the room.

Plants and trees

home in suburbs surrounded by trees and lawn

If you can grow trees in your compound, your sweltering summer days will be more comfortable. Big trees provide shade to a house and they can absorb the heat from the sun. They also act as air conditioning units because they are capable of reducing temperatures when water evaporates from the surface of the leaves and turns air into vapor.

Don’t have a backyard or a garden where a large tree can grow? You can put succulents inside your home. These plants are easy to maintain and they can help produce oxygen and suck out the carbon dioxide in the room. With these plants, the room will have better ventilation and you’ll notice that the air seems to be cooler, too.

There are many old and forgotten techniques that can help keep a room cool even during hot days. Incorporate as many of these methods as you can and you won’t need to worry about paying high energy bills again.

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