Live Happily Ever After: Choosing the Right Type of Housing for You

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Living in your own place can make you feel free and proud. It’s not cheap to get housing. Rather, it requires thoughtful consideration and allotting a certain budget to buy your dream home. If you live in Salt Lake City, there are a lot of properties with durable concrete construction.

Regardless, it is important to choose a house that is worth the investment. At the same time, it should be of great value for you and your family. Most of all, you should take care of your chosen property so it can serve you for many years to come.

Choosing a type of housing can be challenging. But paying for it is another story. You can opt to pay in cash if you have enough funds. You can also choose to get a mortgage loan. Make sure to schedule your payments on time to avoid property foreclosure.

Different housing type options

There are different types of housing you can choose from. More than a property’s aesthetic value, you should consider your lifestyle and the number of persons who will live in it. It will also depend on your budget and the location or neighborhood you will live in. Among popular housing type options include:


A townhouse refers to a row of attached houses. Each unit shares a wall on one side with the other unit beside yours. Townhouses may either have two or three-story levels.

Detached house

Unlike townhouses, detached houses are, as the term suggests, separated from other houses. It can be more expensive than townhouses depending on the cost of land where it stands. You have ownership of the house and the property surrounding it. Detached houses may be ideal for larger families.

Duplex or Triplex

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It refers to a type of housing that is split into several units. It looks as if the house are twins or triplets. It can be bought as a whole, and then rent the other units for additional income. Each unit has its own entrance, and each tenant is responsible for taking care of the unit.

Semi-detached house

A semi-detached house is similar to a duplex or triplex. But the difference is that the former is joined to another unit only on one side. Each tenant is responsible for taking care of their side of the house. At the same time, the tenant also owns the property besides their respective unit.

Condominium or apartment complex

When you live in a condominium or apartment complex, you only own the unit and not the property surrounding it. Some townhouses can also be based on a condominium ownership model.

Different tenants are living above and beside your unit. You also have to pay condominium fees that cover parking space, elevators, and other facilities. You can contact the building owner for maintenance and repairs.

Housing for specific needs

Other types of housing may depend on each individual’s needs. Among these include:

  • Senior apartments. It caters to seniors 55 years old and above. The units are designed to be elderly-friendly.
  • Nursing homes. Like senior apartments, nursing homes also cater to the elderly. But nursing home employs medical personnel to provide assistance to the elderlies who are sick and ill.

Choosing a house can be an exciting yet challenging task. But it will all depend on your lifestyle and how big or small your family is.

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