Mix and Match your Bed Sheets for Different Seasons: A Guide

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You have little control over the climatic conditions in your area. These conditions should, however, not stop you from enjoying a good night’s sleep every night. The best way to make sure you sleep tight regardless of the prevailing climate is by changing your bed sheets based on the weather or season.

Most people shopping for bed sheets at a mattress sale in an American Fork store buy the sheets in a set. This does not mean that you should get a matching set every time.

2 Brothers Mattress notes that you could mix and match different bed sheets based on your budget to get a perfect solution for every season. Here is a short guide on getting bed sheets that are best for the current climate or season.


Being the warmest season, summer calls for linen as the ideal fabric for bed sheets. Although they have a rougher feel compared with cotton, linen sheets are breathable and hence suitable for the humid summer climate.

Comfort and temperature are not the only things you have to worry about, though. Also, think about your body conditions and hygiene. You could, for example, combine your linen bed sheet with a percale pillowcase since it is easier to wash off sweat from this pillowcase than from a linen one.

Fall and Spring

These two seasons are in the middle of the scale — not the warmest nor the coldest. The ideal sheets for spring and fall are those with a percale or sateen weave. Percale sheets are cool and crisp since they have a basic weave, which makes them ideal for warm weather.

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Sateen sheets have a luxurious and smooth feel but a heavy drape. Although they will keep you cooler than other options, they are ideal for sleeping with your windows open, owing to their heavier construction.

With these bed sheet options, you are able to be very comfortable at night without having to adjust your HVAC setting nor footing high bills for utility costs.


Now everybody knows winter is the coldest season, with temperatures reaching freezing points. During winter, you could mix flannel sheets with percale or sateen ones for a warm fuzzy feel.

As there is no mandate on the number of bed sheet types you could use, feel free to use a lot. Combine fabrics and just go crazy. Unlike in warmer seasons or climates, you need not worry too much about having to replace them a lot during the season since you will not be sweating as much — or, at all!

So, go ahead and bring out all the linens you can find in your closet. The percale or sateen sheets are ideal as the bottom sheets. The flannel sheet will make a perfect duvet cover or top sheet.

With an appropriately mixed bed sheet set, you are sure to have optimal sleep all-year-round. The constant changing of bed sheets will also enhance their durability. This way, you can save a tidy sum on frequent bed sheet replacements.

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