Modern House Design Using Concrete Pavers

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The exterior of your commercial and residential property makes a significant impact on your property’s appearance and value. Design, materials, and even the overall aesthetic matter when it comes to building exteriors. Many properties increase or decrease in value mainly due to their exteriors, so picking the right mixture of design and materials would help in showing your property the best way possible. For some people, the best way to create an appealing property exterior is to use concrete as one of the materials.

Concrete can make your property look sleek and modern, but only when properly installed. For driveways, the only way you could ensure that the concrete is placed evenly is to use a concrete paver.

There are many concrete paving services in Kansas City that provide versatile, inexpensive, low-maintenance, and durable concrete paving. There are many different ways to install concrete, and a concrete paver often requires time for curing after installation. Here are the different options you could ask for your concrete paver.

Interlocking Concrete

These pavers closely resemble cobblestone pathways. Interlocking concrete pavers can be installed with sand rather than mortar. They come in a broad style and a color range that could help you create a particular design for your property. These pavers are also fast to install, exceptionally durable, fixed quickly and are perfect for free-thaw conditions and heavy-duty applications. Edge spacers can be used to create a uniform look with your interlocking pavers.
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Architectural Slab

This option can be designed to look like stone and brick pavers. An architectural slab is thinner and less sturdy compared to an interlocking paver. Hence, it is routinely used in spaces with minimal foot traffic and plant growing sections where its primary role is as an aesthetic enhancement.

Architectural slabs are often installed using adjustable pedestals or the sand set method, both of which allow sloping or leveling. Some slabs are pressed hydraulically pressed, so they could result in a cured slab that is durable and strong.

Decorative Concrete

This option can be textured or colored to resemble a broad range of paving materials. It is the best choice for property owners looking to add a unique flair to their properties. However, decorative concrete is best used in places protected from wet conditions or even moisture. Water might cause the paver’s acid to leach out to your landscape, which could affect your property’s appearance.

Some property owners choose poured concrete rather than pavers for their flooring. Pavers are however less prone to the development of cracks, provide better traction and are more visually appealing compared to poured concrete. However, you should consider whether poured concrete or pavers suit your property’s overall decor and design aesthetic.

Your real estate property’s value depends a lot on home exteriors and the quality of the interiors. Make sure that your property’s landscaping and design are appealing not only to investors but also to anyone who sees it. Using concrete is one way to make it more modern and appealing, but the proper installation of these pavers plays a pivotal role in your property’s value and appearance.

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