House Hacks: Organizing Your Closet Within 30 Minutes


It may sound simple. You may not attend to it at all. But if you take a closer look, the condition of your closet can have a drastic effect on your day-to-day activities. Not only are messy closets an eyesore, but they’re also bound to stress you out. Think about it. If you want to have a great day, putting an order to your clothes’ internal affairs is a must.

Imagine if you’re in a hurry. A disorganized closet can be frustrating because you will spend more time than necessary looking for a particular dress or accessory. Truth be told, the rate at which closets get disorganized is alarming these days.

Of course, since your closet is a personal space, you might prefer handling yourself. There’s no other way to go about it. With this, know how to arrange your closest in the fastest possible time.

Step 1: Gather all your materials

The first thing you should do is to get all your materials ready. A bin or trash bag will come in handy here. You should make two main piles, one for clothes to be disposed of and the other for donation. If you have other intentions for your clothes, you can use as many trash bags as you need.

Arranging your wardrobe is similar to stacking products in a warehouse. Things need to be stacked away in the right order. Then again, the difference between arranging in a warehouse and a wardrobe is that you need machines to handle the heavy boxes in the former. A good example here is an order picker, the most conspicuous machinery you’ll see in a storage facility. Little wonder why new warehouse entrepreneurs are on a constant lookout for a reliable order picker for sale. They’re essential.

You may not need an order picker for your closet, but you need to be as orderly. In this regard, don’t forget to get cleaning supplies such as:

  • A multipurpose cleaner
  • A broom
  • Damp rags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dustpan

If you do this first step right, it can take a minute or two tops.

Step 2: Pull out everything

Start pulling out everything from your closet. You can dump them on your bed or chairs. To make your work easier, do not randomly dump everything. Hopefully, your clothes are organized to an extent — for instance, all the dresses or shirts together.

If this is your case, pile them up on your bed In this manner. All organizers and bins in the closets should also be pulled out. This step can take three minutes.

Step 3: Clean out your closet

Your closet is now empty. It’s time to wipe the closet rods, shelves, baseboards, and walls using your cleaner and rag. Clear the debris on the floor with a broom or vacuum. Closets are usually not very dirty, so this step should only take about three minutes.

Step 4: Examine your closet

Take a moment to step back and examine your closet. Look at your spotless and empty closet and think of how you want it to be going forward. The best way to arrange your things is to put the most used accessories in front where they are easily reachable.

Note the things that you prefer to fold rather than hang. You can use three minutes for this step because whatever you decide here will determine how your closet output will look.


Step 5: Examine your clothes

After accessing and making mental notes of where you want your clothes to be, go ahead to examine your clothes. Take out each item and determine if you want it back in the closet or not. Four questions that can help you with your decision-making are:

  • Does the clothing still fit?
  • Does it need repair?
  • Have you used it this past twelve months?
  • Do you look good in it?

If your answer is no, separate it from the rest. This is where the bin bag you prepared at the beginning comes in handy. It helps to sort out your clothes according to their type: shorts, dresses, etc. Your aim is that your closet will work for your current personality.

You will need about fifteen minutes for this step. But the time can differ depending on how quick you are with making these decisions. This step will take longer if you waste time thinking of how an old cloth was your past favorite. It is helpful to pay more attention to what you retain rather than what you do not need anymore.

Step 6: Touch it up nicely

Now that your clothes are back in the closet, take the next four minutes to arrange them. There might be some things that still need to be straightened out. You want to make sure that all garments are organized by their color or type.

Step 7: Finish it up

This is the last phase where you take out the bags of clothes for donation or disposal. It is better to take them into your car or straight to the incinerator to avoid them lying around. You need around a couple of minutes to get this done.

With this, you just organized your closet in as short as thirty minutes. If you did it well, don’t be surprised if your family might want you to organize their closets, too.

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