Renovating a Home to Give It an Outdoor Ambiance

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The home improvement sector surprised industry watchers are it surged in the middle of the pandemic. The surge happened after people stayed home after the authorities issued shelter-in-place orders to prevent the spread of the virus.

While the renovation activities kept home improvement service providers busy, people who love the outdoors felt stuck at home. If you miss living in the great outdoors, you can bring the outdoors into the home. Bringing the outdoors into the home means decorating the home with indoor plants.

Aside from cooling the home, indoor plants also have several health benefits, including reducing stress levels and boosting productivity. Here are more tips for you to consider if you want to have an outdoor ambiance inside your home.

Set Up a Living Wall

If you don’t have any space outside the house to set up a garden, you can bring it inside instead through a living wall or a vertical garden. The indoor version of the garden can help in the reduction of indoor temperature and improve air quality.

You can set up a living wall by hanging ceramic pots along the wall filled with plants. Using modular panels gives you a better-looking vertical garden since there are no pots used. Instead, the growing medium or the soil is placed on the panels, which the plants hide as they grow. You may also have to check the panels and soil every year or two.

Accent the Interior

To make the home interiors reflect the great outdoors, you can look for accent pieces or textiles that can mimic the color of nature. So, you can look for green and earth tone colors for the interior of the home. Throw pillows can also have designs similar to the ground of a rainforest.

You can also get a wicker basket for small items that you need to store in any room. A jute rug can also look good in the living room and gives it the outdoor ambiance you may be looking for.

Let Nature Liven Up the Rooms


While plants offer many benefits to the residents of any home, you can also enhance the interiors using other nature-related items. You can look for gems, crystals, seashells, and even dried botanicals to make your home look good.

You can also use brick as a backdrop in any of the rooms. It can easily add color and texture to the room with its unique appearance, particularly if you put it on a bare wall in the living room. You have the option of using the bricks in their natural form or paint on them to serve as a subtle backdrop for whatever you have in the room.

Decorate the Kitchen with Plants

You can also add accents into the kitchen using green houseplants. The relaxing green colors can help brighten up a modern kitchen. You can also add cacti or some indoor flowing plants to give the kitchen an interesting eco-friendly appearance.

If you have the budget, you can also perform a complete kitchen countertop replacement so that you can have strategically placed spaces for your plants while adding the equipment you need. Adding tall plants can act as impressive separators from the cooking and eating areas of your kitchen. You can also position tall green plants on walls with light colors to enhance it.

Bring in Natural Wood into the House


Natural wood has a strong appeal due to its beauty and durability. You can also give it any finish to make it complement any room in the house. Artisan-crafter furniture gives the home a rustic appeal to the interior. On the other hand, antique wood furniture evokes nostalgia for life at the turn of the century.

You can also opt to use wood for the flooring. But make sure to give it a suitable treatment to protect it against spills that may happen inside the home. There are several options for the treatment, including water-based polyurethane, moisture-cure urethane, and shellac.

Set Up a Solarium

solarium or sunroom is a great place to bask under the warmth of the afternoon sun. Aside from providing you with vitamin D, it can also have a way of letting you connect with nature. If the space in your home is limited and you cannot make a solarium, you can put a comfy couch close to the window to get your daily fill of the sunshine vitamin while watching the world pass by outside.

While waiting for everything to go back to normal, you can work on renovating your home to give you the feeling of enjoying the great outdoors.

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