Paint, Light, Furniture: How to Make Your Small Office Look Big

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Not all companies can afford to rent a huge office, especially if they’re still in the start-up phase. But even if you have a small workplace, there are ways to make it look bigger. There’s no need to rent another space or break down a wall.

Install a spiral staircase

If your office has two floors and then you use the second floor for your file cabinets, make the whole space look bigger by installing a spiral staircase. Get an office staircase design specialist to help you build a metal spiral staircase at the corner so that you’ll have plenty of room in the middle of your office.

Paint the walls with light colours

You can choose white or any other colour with a bright shade. Interior design experts say that light colours can make a small room look larger, so change the paint of your dark walls.

Choose furniture that matches

You should match all your furniture in design. The symmetry of your furniture pieces will make them look smaller. In effect, the whole room will look bigger. Also, if you purchase furniture with similar designs, they often come in one set and size. So, there won’t be any chair or table that will look too big compared to the others

Build L-shaped cubicles

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Installing L-shaped cubicles in the office is a great way to make the space look bigger. They don’t occupy too much space unlike the square-shaped cubicles. With this design, your employees will have enough space for their computers and other office items. Also, there will be more room underneath to put their small desk drawer.

Use recessed lights

If you have overhanging fluorescent lamps, it will look like the ceiling is dipping too low on your employees’ heads. If you use recessed lights, on the other hand, you’ll give your ceilings more depth. Recessed lights are hidden in the ceiling, which will give an effect that it’s higher than it is.

Place a small table in the middle of the room

Having a small office can also be advantageous to you, especially when you have to hold an impromptu meeting. If you need to address all of your employees, you just have to stand in the middle of the room and talk.

But in order to add some pizzazz to the centre of the room, place a small table there where you can put the company’s brochures, for example. Don’t put any large furniture there to give your office space more depth.

Minimise the number of chairs

Give your employees one chair each. If you have employees who need to entertain clients, provide another room where they can talk privately. Minimising the number of chairs in your office will de-clutter it and make it look more spacious.

With this in mind, you should provide some of your employees with laptops or tablets in case they need to entertain clients. Having a portable computer will make it more convenient for them to pull up their files or go online if necessary as opposed to having a desktop computer.

So, these are some useful tips for making your small office look and feel bigger. As long as you follow these suggestions, you’ll be able to make your clients think that your office space is much bigger than it really is.

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