People to Call When Maintaining a Commercial Space

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Commercial buildings require regular maintenance to boost safety and longevity. It also helps promote a safe working environment and protect the investment. The building staff can do regular cleaning and simple repairs here and there. However, several maintenance tasks need the expertise of the professionals.

Once it’s imperative to call experts to clean your windows, maintain your HVAC, and fix your pipes, who are you going to contact? When it’s time to tackle electrical issues or improve the safety of the commercial space, which professionals can you rely on? Here are five contacts to bear in mind:

Licensed Local Electricians

For any electrical problem, make sure to only let a licensed industrial electrician in Utah handle the issue. Take note the commercial properties have a complicated electrical requirement. In cases of excess or loss of power, grounding, flickering lights, electrical failure, or overloading, always go for an industrial electrician. No matter how small the electrical issue might be, as long as electricity is concerned, never opt for a DIY project.

Certified Locksmiths

Do you think that locksmiths are only useful after losing your keys? A full-service locksmith can help you improve the security of your commercial space. Their services are not limited to lock-picking. They can set up video surveillance and manage electronic access points. They can even install high-security locks and doors. Find a competent locksmith company to assist you when upgrading your security system.

Commercial Window Cleaners

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You might be able to clean your windows back home effectively yourself. However, cleaning the windows of your building is unlike residential window cleaning. Hiring professionals to handle such tasks is a worthy investment. They will only use top-notch equipment and the right cleaning agents to maintain your windows. There is no need to put your staff in danger when you let properly trained experts do your commercial window cleaning.

HVAC Technicians

Are you thinking of getting a new HVAC system? Is your air conditioning not working properly? Or maybe the winter season is near, and you want to make sure your heating is on point? Then you can rely on a licensed HVAC technician to install a new HVAC system or to fix and maintain your current HVAC system. Doing this will ensure you get to maintain the right temperature throughout the year.


Got a burst pipe, a flooding problem, or does your water fixtures need maintenance? Then it’s time to call in the plumbers. This is also true if you think that your building doesn’t meet local codes and regulations. It is important to remember that biannual plumbing inspections are a must. This is to ensure that your plumbing systems are in excellent working condition.

Building maintenance is your responsibility as a commercial space owner. Your tenants have to care for their space. However, the liability falls on your shoulders. Maintain and repair your commercial building regularly. Now that you know who to call during a maintenance crisis, you don’t have to be anxious. With these contacts, you can tackle even the most complicated maintenance tasks for your building.

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