Pool Maintenance Tricks You Should Remember

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Having a swimming pool is a definite plus for any residential property, specifically in the State of Texas where the summer can be quite unforgiving. Pools are a heaven-sent during such season as you and your family and friends can take a dip to freshen up and relax amid the hot weather. Pool areas can also double as a party place or a spot to hold weekend barbecues with your guests or closest pals.

And just like any other area in your property, your pool should also be properly maintained throughout the year for it to stay in great shape. If neglected, your pool could have some serious issues that would require the services of a professional Keller pool repair company. But why allow things to go that way when you can simply have your pool maintained to avoid costly repairs?

Here are five ways on how you can maintain your pool’s excellent condition:

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  • Have professionals do preventive maintenance and repairs. Preventive maintenance and repairs are essential to ensure that small issues with your pool can be addressed before things turn for the worse. For these, you should only entrust the task to pool experts to achieve the best results since they have the knowledge, skills, and equipment required for such specialized projects.
  • Regular power washing of the deck area. This is something that you can do on your own at least once every three months or more frequently if needed. You can hire a power washer for a minimal fee if you don’t have one, but better if you’ll invest in one since you can also use the washer to clean your vehicles and driveway. You can start from a weak power setting and then gradually move on to the highest setting. Be sure to have the nozzle several feet above the deck surface to avoid damaging the surface, especially if you’re on the high setting.
  • Check your water level regularly. Another key maintenance task that you have to do is keeping the water level right smack at the center of the pool tile or skimmer. A low water level could damage the water pump while a higher than normal level could prevent the skimmer door from working properly, which could keep debris in the pool and not inside the skimmer. Do a regular water level check so you can adjust the level accordingly.
  • Remove debris. It’s important for you to regularly remove leaves, lint, and other debris that float on the pool. You should likewise empty the skimmer basket from time to time so the debris that is trapped inside won’t go back to the pool. This is a simple, yet critical maintenance task that you can do with your kids at least once every month or more often, especially if you regularly use the pool.
  • Adjust the chemicals. Another vital pool maintenance trick that you must perform is the weekly adjustment of the pool’s chemistry. You should start by adjusting the pH level of the pool: use muriatic acid if the pool has over 7.6 pH reading and soda ash if it reads below 7.4 pH. For chlorine level below 1ppm or alkalinity under 90ppm, you should shock the water. You can do this by first dissolving lithium-based chlorine and/or baking soda in a bucketful of water and then pouring the solution into the pool.

If all else fails and you still encounter serious issues that require immediate repair, be sure to trust only a reputable pool repair company. This way, you can expect top-notch results so you can continue enjoying the benefits of your pool.

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