Practical Tips to Help Add a Personal Touch to your Living Space

Practical Tips to Help Add a Personal Touch to your Living Space

There are many tips and tricks that can help homeowners design their living space. But at the end of the day, what most homeowners really want is to make their home distinctly their own. They want it to stand out and have a unique characteristics. And the best way to do that is to design your home according to your personality.

There are basic tips involved if you want your home to express your personality. Here are some of them:

Decide on an overall theme

When you think about designing your living space and incorporating your own sense of style into it, you should think of a theme that will hold the concept together. This theme should mesh well with your own personality. For example, if you’re the on-the-go kind of person, you may want to vie for a modern minimalist theme. Or if you are the conservative type, you could try a more traditional theme for your home.

The key to figuring out the best theme for your home is to assess your own personality and decide how you want to incorporate bits and pieces of your personality into your home.

Choose a pattern

choose a patternOnce you have decided on an overall theme, it would be easier for you to decide on other design elements. Among these is the pattern that you want to use, especially on your walls. Do you want sleek lines to go with a modern minimalist vibe? Or would you prefer a softer, less chiseled pattern that goes well with a more traditional, more homey look?

Go artsy with a gallery wall

One of the most creative ways to design your home while infusing it with your own personality is to create a gallery wall. How do you go about in creating one?

For starters, you need to consider your canvas. In this case, your canvas will be the wall you want to embellish and decorate. What would you want to include in the current state of your wall to make it an ideal place to use as a canvas? You could consider changing the paint or using wallpaper with a strong consideration for the right patterns.

The next thing to do is to decide on what you want to feature on your gallery wall. Think about the personal photos or artworks that you want to hung on the wall. Make sure you decide on something that goes well with the overall look and feel that you want your home to achieve.

From there, you can just start decorating by hanging your chosen piece de resistance at its best angle.

Display your hobbies

Another great idea that you could try to infuse your living space with your very own sense of style is to display your hobbies. Highlighting your favorite sports, for example, will make your home distinct and personalized. More so if you display awards with your name on it.

If you are not into sports, you can also play around with academic excellence awards. There is no strict rule to follow here, so just go with what you want to highlight but as much as possible, make sure it meshes well with your overall theme, like using frames that carry the theme you have chosen for your home.

Give shelving a try

shelvingWhen we talk about shelving, we know you would immediately think about books. You can display books on your shelves because that adds to the unique personality of your home. This is particularly the case if you love books and have a collection you want to show off to your guests. But note that when it comes to designing your home, shelving is not just about displaying your books. You can use shelves to divide one part of the house to another. You can also place some furniture there or use it to display the other decorative elements you have in mind.

Choose the right furniture

Decorating your home is not just about designing your interiors and seeing how you can improve it. More than anything else, you should also think about the furniture you will have in your own home.

When choosing furniture, the first thing you need to consider is the space you have at home. How much available space do you have at present and how will your new furniture affect your floor space? There’s no use buying furniture that won’t fit inside your home. Or even if it does fit inside your home but it will eat up all the available space, it won’t make your living space very comfortable for you and your family.

Once you have considered the space, the next thing you will want to think about is the theme. Yes, we are back to discussing themes because when you buy furniture, you need to make sure that it suits your chosen theme. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of decorating your living space and attempting to infuse it with your unique personality.

Last but not the least, when it comes to furniture, you have to be mindful of the price tag. Do not overspend on furniture, Be a wise and savvy spender so you won’t end up breaking the bank. And as much as possible, go for furniture and appliances that are flexible and built for multiple function to make your living space less cramped.


Make it more homey

homey living spaceSince you are decorating your own home, you need to design it with a personal touch. And the best way to do that is add pictures of yourself and your family in your home.

It goes without saying that your bedroom should have pictures of you and your loved ones so they will be the last thing you see when you close your eyes at night. But not all your guests have access to your bedroom. So if you want your living space to have a personal touch, it is best to put up pictures of you and your family all over the house. Find strategic places in your living room. Here you can show pictures of you and your loved ones. If you have time, you may even do a DIY project and design the frames yourself. If not, just choose a theme that goes well with the overall look and feel of your home.

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