Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques for Different Carpet Types

Your property’s carpets are a significant investment. They also cover the largest area on your property and handle the highest traffic making them highly prone to premature damage from wear and tear. The ideal option to minimize the rate of wear on your carpets is optimal care.

There are different elements involved in carpet care with cleaning being the most important. Periodic professional carpet cleaning for your Draper property’s carpets and rugs, in addition to daily vacuuming, is essential.

There are different techniques used for carpet cleaning with steam, hot water extraction, dry foam, and bonnet cleaning being the most common. The primary determinant of the best cleaning technique and care option for your carpet is its fibers.

The fibers pull in air pollutants, dirt and dust and should be expertly handled to avoid damaging the carpets. Here are the cleaning options for different fibers.

Frieze Carpets

These consist small and twisted fibers which do not stand upright. The carpet fibers’ pull in stains and dirt then distributes it throughout making the carpet appear clean. Vacuuming removes dirt buildup, but steam and dry cleaning are essential for deep cleaning and long-term stain removal.

Nylon frieze carpets are considered stain-resistant, owing to the close packing of their threads. Professional cleaning is however still necessary since the carpets are not 100% stain-resistant but rather soak up stains less readily than other types.

Shag Carpets

Long threads and softer textures characterize these carpets. They are one of the hardest carpets to clean since the long fibers hide dirt while the soft texture makes it easy for the dirt to soak into the carpets’ depth.

The ideal cleaning method for shag carpets is hot water extraction since it reaches into the thick carpet fibers and efficiently gets rid of the embedded dirt.

Berber Carpets

carpet texture

This is among the carpets that are easiest to clean owing to their large fiber loops which make it hard for dirt to penetrate the fibers. In addition to regular vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning is essential. Dry foam carpet cleaning might be sufficient for cleaning Berber carpets since it sucks out dirt to the carpet’s surface.

Silk Carpets

These are generally handmade carpets from India and the Middle East. The delicate fibers of silk can be destroyed by aggressive carpet cleaning techniques, including hot water extraction and steam cleaning. As such, the perfect method of cleaning your silk carpet is dry powder, dry foam or bonnet cleaning.

Shampooing and vacuuming might appear efficient for your carpet’s daily cleaning, but they leave dirt in the deep fibers that can only be removed by more extensive cleaning methods.

You might not know much about your carpet’s fibers and hence worry about destroying them with the wrong cleaning technique. Professional cleaning is, therefore, the best option to get your carpet clean without worrying about damage to its fibers.

The intervals between the professional cleanings depend on the traffic of your property. Carpets in areas with high traffic, for instance, should be cleaned every two to three months.

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