Professional Help: Your Best Option When Dealing with Blocked Drains and Pipes

Woman using a plunger for the kitchen sink

Sometimes, it only takes crude equipment to unblock a clogged drain. In other instances, only sophisticated equipment works. In the United Kingdom, most households have dealt with backed up toilets and saturated kitchen drains. It is always annoying, but you would have to face the problem head on to resolve it.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Known culprits

Believe it or not, tree roots are right on top of the list of causes of drain issues. An experienced plumber would locate a tree root impeding on the pipes at a short distance from the house. While tree roots can be the culprit, some homes suffer perennial clogged pipes due to grease and material build-up. Sometimes, aside from congealed deposits of food, used cooking oil and detergent, plumbers find children’s toys inside the pipes.

Modern detection systems

There was a time when there was no way to see what is going on with the pipes. After all, they are buried under the ground or secured inside the walls. These days, cameras can be used to see the insides of pipes. Before taking measures against blocked drains, Coventry plumbers must pinpoint the location of the problem. That said, they always start with an assessment of the situation.

Once a diagnosis is made, the plumber can plan a solution to the blockage. Inline drain cameras are also in use to determine if the intervention that has been completed is successful or effective. It is equally important to ensure that the blockage does not occur again and the pipes are not at risk for repeat blockage.

Possible solutions to repeated clogging

Plunger submerged in waterWhen you are alone in the house and the kitchen sink is bubbling with backed up waste material, what do you do? The first thing you think about is pouring a caustic cleaner down the drain. The best ones can dissolve all types of materials clogging the lines. Nevertheless, the recovery of the drain’s function after using a caustic chemical cleaner does not mean the problem is resolved completely. You may try the age-old method of removing the blockage with a plunger or a drain snake. You are always welcome to try, but what if these DIY methods do not produce any significant positive result?

Call a plumber

When your efforts don’t result in significant progress, clean up the mess you have made in the kitchen and call a plumber. They would know what to do, and they are the only ones permitted to work on residential drainage systems.

Routine blockage removal typically involves the electric eel, a flexible steel rod that has bladed edges that cut through tree roots. If the problem calls for another method, plumbers may use the power of high-pressure water jets to dislodge the culprit. This procedure is called hydro jetting.

Yes, hydro jetting can be the method of choice for tree root removal. When all else fails, it may be necessary to excavate the pipes and remove the blockage by opening the pipe. When necessary, professionals will do some repair work on the lines or recommend replacing problematic sections of the pipeline.

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