Proper Care and Maintenance for Your House’s Wood Flooring

If you want to take the appeal of your home in Santa Ana to the next level, then using wood flooring is one of the best options that you can take. It adds a classic, elegant look that works well with almost any design theme that you can think of. It also lasts for a long time, provided that you take care of it well enough. Below are a few tried and tested maintenance methods that keep the natural beauty of your wood floors:

Simple Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the best characteristics of using wood flooring is that cleaning doesn’t take too much effort out of you. All you have to do is to sweep the floor regularly to get rid of dust and use vacuum cleaners once in a while. Avoid using rough or wet cleaning implements and dragging furniture and heavy appliances on the floor to prevent damaging its finish. If you see dents, holes, scratches, or traces of water damage on it, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Wood Coatings and Treatments

You can apply a coating to shield your flooring from scratches, wear, tear, and other types of damage. This item can be hard to find, but almost every construction supply store has it in stock. It may even come in different variants depending on the kind of wood that you use. The application is easy enough to be done by yourself since it comes with instructions, but you can also leave protecting your flooring to the professionals if you want a better finish.

Your Own Care Products

If you’re feeling confident enough or you simply prefer knowing which substances you apply to your floor, then you can consider making your own treatment. It’s simple enough to make, and all you need is beeswax, lemon juice, and oils such as those of olives or linseed for a basic wood preservative. Once you get the hang of it, you can then start adding more ingredients to the mix to improve certain aspects such as sheen, smoothness, and resistance to stains caused by liquids.


Rug on wood floor

No one says that your wood floors have to stay bare, so why not put a covering on it for protection? Placing extra-long rugs at the doorstep helps prevent soil, mud, moisture, and even ice, if it’s the winter season, from entering your home and damaging the floor. You can also put them in areas where you expect a lot of people to walk around, like hallways or the living room so that you can minimize wear and tear. Just make sure that these rugs don’t have backing or else they will trap moisture and dirt in your flooring.

These steps may be simple, but the difference they make for your wood floors cannot be denied. You just have to do these activities on a regular basis, and you’re guaranteed to keep them in pristine condition for a long time. Money is not a problem as none of them are even that expensive. Simply put in the required amount of effort, and you’re set. Beautiful wood flooring is worth keeping in a valuable home.

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