Some Helpful Repair Tips for Door Lock Latch Problems

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Door lock issues are common. The simple mechanics may contribute to problems, but poor use, maintenance, and improper installation largely affect performance. A key part of a lock is the latch, a major source of many repair requests. To help you repair a door lock latch the proper way, check the tips below, which any expert from ENTRO will give:

1. If the lock does not latch correctly, then there is a problem with the alignment. The latch and strike plate are misaligned, so they do not click into the right position. With the latch’s hinge screws tightly in place, loosen the strike plate’s screws and adjust the plate.

2. If the lock latch does not catch, then you need to reposition the door. Try closing the door and see how the latch bolt strikes the plate. You may see that the bolt is a little bit above the plate or below it. If not, check if the door has shrunk, contributing to the misalignment.

3. If the latch does not click properly even if adjustments are made, then the lock may have already expanded or contracted. A lock may be made of metal or any alloy, but it can be affected by shifting temperatures.

latch installation

4. If misalignment still occurs, file a slot in the plate. This will make the latch hit the strike plate easier. To make the opening bigger, file the opening’s inner edges.

5. If a broken lock is caused by a malfunctioning latch, consider checking if weather stripping has occurred. Weather stripping erodes the exterior paint, destroying the latch from the inside. In this case, apply a new weather stripping.

A door lock latch, in due time, will wear and lose proper functioning. To prolong its life, it is prudent to do proper maintenance such as cleaning the latch of debris or grease. But the surest way is proper utilisation. Closing and locking doors should be done with care and caution.

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