Stop Mother Nature from Ruining Your Metallic Items

Old wall with rust

When you think of Mother Nature, you’re likely to picture storms, gales, and hurricanes. While there’s no limit to the amount of destruction that nature can bring, most of the time, she goes low-key. She will engage in theatrics that can leave you at the brink of bankruptcy.

With the help of a reliable expert such as Quality Powder Coating, you have a chance to win the fight against rust. When you think about, rust is one of the most destructive forces in the universe.

A Relentless Threat

Since the dawn of the Iron Age, humanity has sought to harness the tensile strength of metal to improve the quality of life. Incidentally, iron, the most plentiful mineral in the world, now features in every sphere of life. From the towering skyscrapers to outdoor furniture, iron and its derivatives are part of everyday life.

While durable and malleable, iron has one significant weakness that makes it as destructive as it is useful. It’s highly susceptible to rusting – a chemical process that occurs in the presence of air and water. It gets worse when salt and other chemicals get involved.

When iron and its derivatives interact with moisture and air, they react to form an oxide. Other than being unsightly, this orange-brown layer is brittle and flaky, meaning that it will fall off. When that happens, it reduces the thickness of the metal and exposes the underlying layer. The cycle of peeling compromises the structural integrity of the metal. Left unchecked, corrosion will take down even the strongest of metallic structures.

A Proven History of Pushing Back

Worker powder coating the metalNot to be outdone, humanity has come up with ways to counter rust and stop Mother Nature in her tracks. As they have been refined over time, these preventive methods have proven quite useful and reliable. The oldest method entails creating alloys by mixing iron with other elements.

Steel, a mixture of carbon and iron, is the most common metal, and it has the impressive ability to resist rust. There are various types of steel to suit different needs and situations, including galvanized, stainless, and weathered steel.

A Growing Range of Solutions

Not all iron coming out of the smelting plants is turned into alloys. Fortunately, there are a host of other measures to keep rust away. One of the most reliable methods entails coating such items with up 25 micrometers of paint to lower their susceptibility to rust.

Powder coating, which involves applying a thin layer of powder on a metallic surface and then heating it to form a thin film, provides a more durable solution. The most common powders include polyester, epoxy, urethane, and acrylic. Powder coatings won’t crack or fade when exposed to the elements even when used in high-traffic areas for a long time. They will look just as radiant when used in areas with hot and humid weather.

It’s in your best interest to thwart Mother Nature’s plan to ruin your metallic structures and items. Taking preventive measures helps protect your metallic objects from the destructive force that is the rusting process.

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