Stylish Patio Covers For Your Next Home Renovation Project

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Small additions and renovations in your home make a lot of difference in enhancing your family’s overall comfort. You don’t need to spend tons of money to make this happen. One idea that you can consider is installing a patio in your backyard. If your house already has one, then it is time to update an old and outdated patio to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors again.

Whether it is for a sanctuary for reading, a venue for parties, or only a calming place to doze off, a stylish, shaded patio can enhance your experience outdoors. You just have to consider the right shade and material to protect you from sunlight, rain, and strong wind. Here are practical but elegant patio cover ideas.

Invite more natural light with an enclosed skylight

An enclosed skylight would be a great patio cover if you want to experience chic and sophisticated living and have an environmentalist, greenhouse feel. With this home addition, you can enjoy the vast expanse of the sky while being protected from strong winds and rain. Before installing a skylight, consider your house location and level of protection from debris.

Chill in a Pavillion.

Pavilions are perfect for experiencing the open and airy living outdoors without suffering from extreme sunlight. There are several types of Pavillion. You can choose made of light and temporary installations to permanent structures. Whatever that is, make sure that it does not hamper the growth of surrounding vegetation.

Consider galvanized steel panels for more practical and long-lasting use.

Galvanized steel panels may not be as elegant as it may first seem, but with the right paint, you can transform and make them blend with the rest of your patio installation. These materials are weather-proofed, so you can guarantee that they can give you protection all the time.


Enhance the look of your pergola with curtains.

Pergolas are skeletal structures that can serve a variety of purposes. They can function as part of your garden or an extension of your living space. You can hang curtains around your pergola during special occasions to add a sense of fullness and dimension.

Use temporary covers such as tarps or retractable rolling shades or awnings.

Temporary covers are beneficial if you want to make quick, handy enhancements to your patio within a budget. A thick, overhead fabric, tarp, or retractable rolling awnings installation are convenient and easy-to-find materials that an experienced outdoor contractor can do in a few hours. The good thing about these temporary structures is that you can always change colors, fabric, or material that best suit the mood or occasion. Retractable awnings are more durable and can last up to twenty years. You have to change the fabric at least once in ten years as this may be sensitive to changing weather conditions.

Patio umbrellas are also fantastic additions, especially in limited spaces or with the highest traffic. Umbrellas that match their surroundings’ colors create a minimalist, aesthetically-pleasant structure that you can install in mini afternoon gatherings or small parties.

There are endless ways on how to style and cover your patio. To avoid haphazard outputs, consider the following factors:

  • The working budget of your family
  • The material’s effect on your house’ architectural style
  • The safety of your location and the size of your yard
  • Measurements and scale of your patio and the space that the cover needs
  • The location of your patio and the intensity of sunlight that it can receive.

For more inspiration, you can search for more patio cover ideas online for your next project. Be adventurous and creative to consider styles from foreign countries such as South African-inspired patio covers or Moroccan Rooftops. You can also create new environments by bringing in rustic feels using redwood pergolas that are suitable spaces for lush, crawling vines. Have more fun by installing lightings, artificial flowers, and stylish curtains. Bring in the appropriate furniture and customized redwood boxes, A-frames, metal frame fire pit, chairs, and patio furniture to complete the setup. You may also consider installing facades, arches, and brick tiles.

Also, consider easy patio repairs that may require little or no money at all. Aside from enhancing your patio’s existing appearance, repairs on cracks, chips, faded areas also prevent more damage to your property later on. Weeds are seemingly harmless plants that thrive in between bricks or cracks of tiles or cement but will cost you a lot of damage later on. Maintain the beauty of your patio by getting rid of both tall and small weeds regularly. You can do this manually or by using a chemical or mixed solution for them to die within a few days. Salvage a dull concrete and bring it back to its former glory by power washing your patio.

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