Summer Garden Security: How You Can Keep Intruders at Bay


As the pangs of winter are well behind us, summer should be in full bloom anytime soon. And above and beyond that should mean a lot of gardening. All the sun in the world can mean a glorious opportunity to grow the best varieties of gardening plants, from red tomatoes that you relish being part of your salad to green leafy vegetables to boost your diet. There’s just one hitch. You’re bound to lose everything in a jiffy if you don’t secure your garden.

And don’t for one minute think it can’t happen to you. Every day in America, thousands of houses lose valuables to home invaders. FBI statistics show one burglar hits a location every 30 seconds in America. That’s about 3,000 burglaries every single day, or two burglaries every minute.

The worse part is most of these intruders live within a 2-mile radius of the affected home and may know the victims by the first name. Indeed, ensuring only people you can trust enter your premises is wise. And yes, most of these burglaries happen in the summer months.

The good news is there are tried-and-tested ways to protect your garden from intruders, human and otherwise. Following such expert advisory would certainly be wise on your part.

Tighten Outdoor Security

It’s easy to be complacent when it comes to your garden. After all, it’s not as valuable as the treasure you have inside the house, you might say. But think about it. For your peace of mind, keeping your garden safe from harm is as important as indoor security. That’s why you need to zero in on the details to keep intruders at bay.

A good start is to mark your territory. Putting up a fence is a surefire way of telling everyone they’re stepping on private property if they get in. To note, a good fence doesn’t just put a separation between you and the outside world, but it can also boost the aesthetic value of the neighborhood.

A good example here is Trex fencing. Not only is the classic fence beautiful from your view inside, but it also adds beauty to the premises outside. That’s because Trex composite fencing is beautiful on both sides of the fence. Even better, it’s more durable than wood or vinyl and can last a lifetime with little maintenance needed.

Additionally, you can place stone or gravel pathways around your yard garden. This makes it harder for intruders to step into the garden without making a sound. To tighten your garden security, make the most of motion-activated lights. Installing cameras, even fake ones, can also make criminals think twice and back out.

When you make outdoor security apparent, burglars become hesitant to take a chance at your garden. Ex-convicts say CCTV and dogs barking are some of the most effective deterrents they met in their past crimes. With that, you should ensure these security measures are out in the open for the best results.

Keep It Clean

From the perspective of a burglar, a well-kept garden means people are diligent, and the property is occupied. But there’s a strategic advantage why you should keep things clean. By regular trimming and cleaning up, you ensure possible blind spots such as overgrowth and tall shrubs are out of the way. That way, thieves won’t have a place to hide upon entering your premises.


Don’t Leave Your Tools Outside

Tools have no place lying in the garden after being used. Make sure you have them stored properly in your garage or designated shed when not used. Additionally, an alarm should protect the shed. Take note the most experienced burglar could pick the lock or sabotage the bolt to open the shed.

When your tools are safe inside, burglars won’t be able to use them as a means to break into your property. Ladders, for instance, can be used to go straight to the higher floors.

Keep Your Shed in Tiptop Shape

Over time, sheds could weaken and rot. Thus, making sure that it’s in good shape, factoring in repairs when needed should be best. You may not realize it, but thousands of shed break-ins happen in America every year.

If you haven’t installed one, make sure you build a shed that is clearly visible from your house. Visibility can help you check on things when it matters.

Beware of Animals

While humans may do the biggest damage property-wise, animals can also be a problem when it comes to your garden. Foxes and stray cats are known to show little to no respect for people’s gardens. It won’t be the first time if you find a cat leaving waste on your fave cabbages and whatnot.

To deal with unwanted animals, you can use animal repellents and ultrasonic sound machines. Moreover, keeping the food waste in biodegradable bags makes sure you’re not inviting a strange animal in. To a large degree, you’d do well if you do your due diligence ahead of time. It’s best for you and your family. What’s more, it’s best for the fruits and veggies in your garden.

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