Surface Finishing Solutions for Metallic Roof Louvres

a metallic roof louvre

The need for outdoor space is at an all-time high. Hence, most people will only associate roof louvres with an outdoor entertainment or farming spot. The need for roof louvres, however, goes far beyond your outdoor living space. They are now the best way to block substantial heat and the damaging UV rays from sunshine, which streams through your windows. By reducing these rays, the louvres will lower your indoor cooling expenses, reduce the glare on reflective objects, and protect your upholstery from UV-ray damage.

Louvred roofs come in different material choices, including wood, glass, plastic, and metal. Most people who choose metallic louvres are looking to benefit from their low cost and ability to endure a range of destructive elements. If you want to enhance their aesthetic appeal and performance, various manufacturers offer different finishing options. Here are some of them:

Powder Coating

This is a dry surface finishing product made from polymer resin systems mixed with levelling agents, pigments, curatives, and flow modifiers. The product is applied using a spray gun or by dipping the metal in a melted powder. Powder coating boosts your louvres’ resistance to damage from scratches, dents, fading, corrosion, chemicals, UV rays, and moisture. It can be used on metals like carbon and stainless steel, chrome, and aluminium.

metal roofing


This is an electromechanical finishing process commonly used on aluminium louvres. It produces a smooth, durable oxide coating that protects the underlying aluminium. There are two anodising options, including clear and coloured. The colour anodise deposits an inorganic colour pigment, while a clear anodise pre-oxidizes the aluminium surface for a clean uniform finish. Anodizing results in a lustre metallic look.

Baked Enamel Coating

This is a hard coat finish that is highly resistant to damage and scratches. It is generally used on aluminium but can also be used on other metals. Baked enamel comes in various colours and is less costly compared to most surface finishing options and neither fades nor chalks. However, the finish is painted onto the metal and can run or show brush patterns.


This is the cheapest metallic finishing option. However, the paint used for metal finishing is not your ordinary paint. It contains special additives to bind it to the metal. There are oil-based and water-based metallic paints that come in a broad range of colours and finishes, including matte, textured, metallic, heat-resistant, and gloss finishes. A pearlescent finish, which simulates a shiny or anodised finish, is one of the most popular options nowadays.

In the end, most property owners cite the high aesthetic benefit of glass as the leading reason for choosing this expensive material for their roof louvres. With these options, the aesthetic appeal of metallic roof louvres need not be a concern. To further boost their beauty, you can opt for different mounting options. There are currently different ways to tweak the mounting of your louvres to your metal wall panels, curtain wall, or masonry to create outstanding designs. If you feel uncertain, find a professional who can help you.

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