The Benefits of Decorating with Real Indoor Plants

Living room with indoor plants

Plants add a welcoming vibe to an indoor space, no doubt. But for someone without a green thumb, decorating with real house plants can be tricky. Some people would rather use synthetic plants in decorating their homes as synthetic plants don’t have to be watered or constantly trimmed. Thing is, living plants provide more benefits than their synthetic counterparts, beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Here are reasons it is more beneficial to decorate indoor spaces with living plants, instead of synthetic ones:

Adds Visual Appeal and Texture

Real plants provide a pop of color and interesting texture to any indoor space. While living plants are a staple in garden rooms, they can also be used in other areas inside the house to boost the aesthetics of an otherwise bland space.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

One of the main functions of living plants is to absorb carbon dioxide and release it back to the environment as oxygen. Plants also absorb harmful chemicals and toxins such as formaldehyde, which can be found in plywood, benzene, which is common in detergents, rubber, and cigarette smoke, and trichloroethylene, which is an ingredient for paints, adhesives, and carpet shampoos. Having indoor plants also help increase humidity, reduce dust levels, and keep air temperature low. Since indoor plants provide cleaner and fresher air to breathe, there will be less exposure to pollutants that cause respiratory problems like coughing, runny nose, and dry throat.

Promotes a Caring Spirit

Many studies support that having real plants can develop a person’s caring nature. Keeping plants healthy gives an avenue for people to stay socially connected and as a result, become happier. Caring for house plants is especially beneficial for children in promoting awareness of others’ needs on a regular basis. Philodendrons, pothos, and aloe vera are great starter plants for kids because they have low watering and light demands.

Relaxes the Mind and Body

Decorating with house plants provides mental and emotional health benefits. They offer natural aromatherapy that brings a relaxing and calming effect on the mind and body. People who keep and take care of living plants inside their homes don’t need to go outside for a walk to experience the therapeutic effects of nature.

Plants such as lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass are ideal in the bathroom, as their scent will diffuse into the surroundings through heat and steam. Peace lilies, jasmine, and spider plants are perfect for the bedroom as they give off moisture and oxygen, making sleep more restful.

Enhances Productivity

Potted plants on table near window

For people who work at home, having house plants will help make their surroundings more conducive to productivity. House plants, especially tall ones and those with large leaves, can either absorb or reflect noise. A room with living plants provides a quieter and more comfortable workspace, which enables a person to focus better, hence improve productivity.

Real plants are much more than interior design features. They provide many other benefits, from boosting mental and emotional health to improving indoor air quality and aesthetics.

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