Things to Know About Vintage Rugs

Did you know that vintage rugs have become trendy recently as a new, younger audience embraces their benefits? Unlike many rugs available at big box stores, vintage Persian rugs lend a coziness to a room by showing wear and indicating they have a history. Vintage rugs have been there and done that.

The quality of vintage rugs is also apparent upon examination. They do not have plastic backings and consist primarily of wool, which was widely available to the weavers in Iran.

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Hand-knotted, they are washable and wear well due to their construction and material content. Like antique, vintage rugs come with a history of someone else owning and using them before they entered your home or apartment.

The designs differ by region and also tell a story of the Iranian region the design represents and the people who tied the knots, so the ability to give old rugs new life is part of their charm.

Vintage (products that are 20+ years old) and antique (100+ years old) rugs appreciate in value after they pass the century mark, especially if they present well and are in good condition. Even those showing significant wear retain or add value when well cared for. Something about walking or laying on the same surface as our predecessors cannot be duplicated by the best of today’s products.


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