Tips for a Smooth Cross-country Move

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Sometimes, life opportunities come at the most unexpected moments. After several months of research, you might land a position with your dream company. If the job is in another state, you have no choice but to pack up and leave.

In some cases, the timelines can be tight, but that’s not a cause for alarm. Requesting long-distance moving quotes gives you a clear picture of the budget you need to move to your new home. From there, you can plan your move accordingly.

Vet the Moving Company

Experts recommend a grace period of at least eight weeks to make a long-distance move successfully. If you don’t have this time luxury, this process might leave you a bit winded. However, you can breeze through it with the help of a professional moving company. Therefore, you need to practice utmost care when choosing one.

For the best results, ask your friends and family for referrals. That way, you can narrow down to a list of moving companies that you can then vet personally. Visit their website and social media pages and look at customer reviews. Also, look at other independent reviews on consumer-centric sites.

Pick the Right Moving Package

If you’re pressed for time, you’re better off taking an entire professional moving package. That way, you let the moving experts handle all the heavy lifting. In most cases, you only need to pack your precious possessions and leave the rest up to them.

They will safely pack your things and unpack them your new home, leaving everything in the appropriate place. It will look like you teleported all your items to the new one. It means that you can be settled in your new house quickly.

Rent a Transferable Moving Container

Borrowing a compact moving container is one of the most prevalent alternatives to hiring full-service movers. First, doing so is more affordable than consulting a licensed moving company. Second, compact moving containers can also function as storage solutions before and after the relocation.

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Your expenses will depend the size of the container and how long you will rent it. Usually, borrowing a moving container for a long- distance move costs $2,000 to $3,000 every month. If you compare that to the $4,000 to $6,000 fee of a professional moving company, and you will see the discrepancy. To relocate using a moving container, all you need to do is pack your boxes and possessions; the moving company will do the rest.

Look for Free Moving Boxes and Supplies

One of the greatest ways to decrease the cost of a long-distance move is using lots of free moving equipment, such as boxes, bubble-wrap, and newspapers from retailers, online marketplaces, and more. You can also ask your friends and family for any boxes that they might have lying around.

In the end, making a cross-country move can be a bit unnerving, especially when you’re doing it on a tight deadline. However, retaining the services of credible moving service can make it a walk in the park.

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