Top Tips for Keeping Your Office Generator Running


Offices need to ensure that there’s no disruption to their operations. Any disruption could mean a loss of revenue to the business. This is why most offices use generators in the event that a power outage happens.

They turn on the generator, electricity comes back on, and employees can continue with their work. So, it’s only logical that offices should ensure that their generators are working properly. Because when the lights go out, they must have a back-up power supply ready to be used.

Here’s how to keep your generator operational.

Shield it from the rain

A generator can easily break down if it’s not covered from rainfall. If your generator is outside and it’s raining, any droplet of water that reaches the electrical components will destroy it. If this happens, you might need to have it fixed in a machine shop in Trinidad.

Protect your generator from the elements. Some people say to use a cover, like a tarpaulin, but if you’re using a heavy-duty generator, it would be better if you build an enclosure for it. This will ensure that no amount of rainfall will get into its components. Also, by building an enclosure, you could shield your generator from the heat of the sun.

Check your oil

Just like with every motor, you should regularly check your generator’s oil. Don’t let your oil level dip too low below the full mark. Fill it up as often as you can to prevent any malfunctions. Also, don’t scrimp on this lubricant because cheap oil can do more damage than good to your machine.

You should also change your oil filters regularly. Maintaining generators has the same principle in maintaining a car engine. When you own a car, you always bring it to the auto shop for an oil change so that it will run smoothly. Do the same to your generator.

Check your coolant

mobile generator

As with your oil levels, you should also check your coolant level and make sure that your generator has enough to keep it from overheating. Each generator has a specific amount of coolant required. Read your generator’s manual and check the amount your machine needs and pour in the coolant.

Check the components

You should also do a routine check of your generator’s components to see if any of the parts are already worn out. As soon as you find a component that is rusting or broken, have it replaced immediately. A broken component could lead to the whole machine breaking down.

Check the batteries

You should also check your batteries. One way to ensure that your batteries are working properly is to turn on your generator every three months and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. This will charge your batteries and when a power outage happens, you’ll be able to start up your generator without any problems.

Maintaining your generator will ensure that it will be operational when you need it the most. When your generator is able to provide you with electricity, that means your company won’t lose a day of being productive.

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