Types of Fireplace Mantels

Fortunately, fireplace mantels are available in various styles and designs, which include limestone, cast stone, steel, and wood. You can further enhance the appearance of your shelf by adding mantel accessories to create a personalized, unique, and beautiful focal point for your home.

Selecting the right fireplace mantel for your home is guided by various factors. These include the interior style of a home, the size of your fireplace, the design of your house, and the budget. During a gas fireplace restoration in your Salt Lake City home, you can seek counsel from your repair professional on the best type of mantel for your place.

Cast Stone

Most homeowners love the feel and unique touch of a natural stone mantel but are often limited by its price tag. However, cast stone mantels mimic the look of natural stone at a friendly price. This option gives you the liberty of complete customization. The manufacturer creates a specific mold for your mantel, giving you the chance to decide how exactly you want it to look like. It is relatively easy to install since the shelf comes off the mold in a single piece. However, note that you will require energetic people to transport the mantel due to its weight.


If you happen to have seen a fireplace anywhere, there is a very high possibility that what you saw was a wooden mantel. Wood mantels owe their popularity to their impressive versatility. These mantels can easily fit into the most ornate and intricate interior designs to achieve a sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Moreover, wood presents a variety of options that can look exceptionally good when stained instead of painted for fireplace mantels. If you want stained instead of painted wood, hardwood, such as cherry, oak, and cider, would be good choices for your fireplace mantel.



Naturally, cast stone is not considered as luxurious as authentic natural stone. That means it does not appeal to homeowners who want to achieve the look and feel of real natural stone. This is where natural limestone comes in handy. Limestone is highly effective and more aesthetically pleasing compared to cast stone and wood. However, it is more challenging to customize compared to cast stone, and it is more expensive.

Stainless Steel

This material is a perfect idea for breaking up the monotonous natural look in your home. It brings about a touch of bling, which elevates the level of elegance and overall house curb appeal. However, it is expensive. Thus, you should shop carefully. Also, avoid placing it near the fire as the material can heat up rather quickly.

In the end, after you are done selecting a mantel, ensure that you pick the right door for it to enhance the focal point further. When choosing the door, remember that it serves more than just the cosmetic purpose. Thus, it should also be functional. That means it should preserve heat and keep your house warm. If you feel uncertain, you should seek the help of professionals.

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