What Are Current Home Decor Trends Pointing Toward?

Home Decor

Home decor is a tricky topic. On the one hand, it’s important to always stay on trend. On the other hand, styles are always evolving. It’s not possible to upgrade your entire living room every time decor trends change, which is often what people do with wardrobes. It’s still important to know what contemporary homes around the world look like so that you can adopt certain key aspects of this style into your own home for a timeless look. Here, we talk about current popular decor trends that are taking the Internet by storm:

Bold colours, unusual walls

Just a few years back, light, pastel walls, solid walls, and ombre backdrops were everywhere. Today, this style is giving way to bold, adventurous walls. People are trying out interesting and contrasting colour combinations such as red and yellow. Geometric paint patterns are also becoming more popular, with certain walls being painted diagonally or in uneven segments and squares.

A little bit of shine

While people were leaning heavily toward minimalist furniture before, nowadays people are incorporating different types of materials into their homes. Metals such as chrome, copper, and bronze are popular. In Singapore, interesting coffee tables with copper or rose gold frames are gaining attention. People are also choosing brass and copper hanging lights for a modern industrial vibe.

Nordic delight

Nordic home decor has always been trendsetting. From making elegant furniture accessible to everyone to shaping our colour palettes, Nordic influences can be found everywhere around the world. This trend is keeping up with the changing times. People still love simple, beautifully built furniture with pastels, layers, and furry cushions to make guests really feel at home. The key is to add elements to make your mind and body feel relaxed and cosy.

Home Decor

Home that feels like abroad

Another interesting trend that is taking hold in interior design is the use of ethnic fabrics and decor styles. There are many ways to incorporate this into your home without going overboard. For example, you can use the colour palettes used in haciendas, or don an Aztec print rug on your floor. The Jaipur style of decorating with pretty, hanging figurines is also seeing a rise in popularity among boho decor styles. People are trying out different prints, fabrics, and patterns from unique and global cultures.

Timeless glamour and elegance

Just because people’s tastes are evolving to be more simple doesn’t mean that there is no place for old-school glamour anymore. Some of the more high-end looks are going heavy on regal colours such as gold, rose, and silver. People are also using materials such as velvet or buying statement designer pieces to highlight certain aspects of their homes. Retro is also back in a big way, but this time it’s less mid-century modern and more art deco. This is the perfect time for you if you are a fan of plush, burnished couches and vintage gin bars.

If you love decorating, you will always find creative ways to adopt current trends into your vision of a home. These are some just points for you to jump off into your own journey.

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