What Separates Your Bed and Breakfast from Failed Businesses

Hotel bedroom interior

A little bed and breakfast may seem like nothing compared to hotel chains in big cities, but this does not diminish the expectations of clients. They are paying good money to stay in a room that has been prepared with their comfort in mind. As the owner or manager of that bed and breakfast, you have a lot of things to check off your list before you can deem the place ready for visitors. Here are some of them:

Clean Rooms

What would people find on your mattress if they used a black light on it? They certainly do not want to see all the traces of bodily fluids that have been left on the mattress. No, you don’t have to replace your mattresses as soon as they get dirty, but they do need a thorough cleaning to get rid of any accumulated dirt or other stains. You also don’t want them to smell, as clients will easily notice the smell and it may ruin their stay.

Another problem that needs your immediate concern is the presence of bed bugs and other pests in the room. Though bed bugs often hide in the mattress, the bed bug infestation treatment may require that you take everything out of the room to minimize the chances of bed bugs coming back. They reproduce fairly quickly, so the problem can easily get worse if treatment is not executed properly.


Hotel bathroom amenities

Hotels may equip rooms with a safe, a mini refrigerator, and a flat-screen TV. They don’t stop there. Each hotel has bells and whistles promising to make the stay as enjoyable as possible. While your bed and breakfast may be geared more towards an affordable place to stay for weary travelers, it wouldn’t harm your business to include a hair dryer and a mini bar — all reasonably priced, of course.

Amenities do not stop in each room. The waiting area could use some magazines, preferably of the current month or no older than three months. Some places have an in-house cafe for afternoon snacks or coffee. Those traveling with pets would also appreciate a pet station, but it’s optional, especially if you’re on a tight budget. However, if you want to focus on a place for pets, it could be a lure to bring more clients in. Highlight that on your website and social media accounts.


Don’t cage yourself with the mindset that you cannot afford expensive staff training like hotels can. Each hospitality business needs to know how to treat clients respectfully and politely. Use the small and cozy nature of your business to build a homey atmosphere, one where everyone can sit back and relax during their stay. When everyone feels comfortable with the level of service you provide, they will have a better overall experience.

To an extent, all businesses run using the same formula. Take what you have to offer, improve it as must as you can, and make the experience worthwhile for clients. Have all your bases covered and you’ll be the proud owner or manager of a successful bed and breakfast.


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