Why You Need a Pyramid Skylight

When it comes to transforming your living space, the key question to ask is whether you have enough natural light. The answer to this predicament might be right above your head — pyramid skylights. These skylights, with their simple design, practicality, and contemporary appeal, can instantly elevate and brighten any room.

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Pyramid skylights are a versatile choice, suitable for various roof types. Positioned facing upwards, they eliminate the need for beating sunlight to make a significant impact. As a rule of thumb, one square meter of pyramid skylight can effectively illuminate 20 square meters of floor space, providing an efficient solution to brightening up your home.

Key Considerations in Choosing Pyramid Skylights

When considering pyramid skylights, there are three important decisions to make. Firstly, choose between a flat fixed skylight or a dome skylight. The former, crafted from glass, is perfect for stargazing, while the latter, made of plastic or acrylic, allows debris to run off but may discolor over time. Secondly, consider the energy efficiency of the skylights based on your location, with options for tinted or low e-glass. Lastly, decide between a fixed or vented pyramid skylight, with the latter providing the ability to release hot air, contributing to energy efficiency.

In conclusion, pyramid skylights offer an economical and effective solution for bringing natural light into your home, ensuring a warm and uplifting atmosphere. Consider the placement of pyramid skylights on different sides of your roof to tailor the light to your preferences and needs. Illuminate your space and create a welcoming environment with the installation of pyramid skylights.


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