You Can Clean Your House Like a Professional

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When the world was normal and everyone was busy going to work, setting up meetings, going to the movies, parties and other gatherings, people often found it hard to schedule work, business, family and home improvements. But now that most people are stuck at home, they are trying to find more things to do inside the house to prevent boredom and loneliness.

One thing that many people consider but do not do is cleaning because it’s not fun. But it can be a form of exercise and give you a psychological boost because it gives you a sense of completion and accomplishment. But if you think your house only needs a bit of dusting and vacuuming to give it a professional’s touch, you’re wrong. You need to do the following things to make your cleaning strategy similar to a professional cleaner’s.

If you are still observing stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines, here’s a better approach to cleaning that will give your home the professional touch.

Clean Your Windows

Most people often forget to clean their windows until they see their home from a distance. Glass and any transparent material require a different cleaning approach and the right cleaning tools. Professionals prefer to use a squeegee to do this. A squeegee leaves your windows streak-free and lessens your cleaning time.

First, you should scrub the glass with a sponge. Then wipe it with a squeegee in a horizontal direction. Don’t do it vertically as it can leave soap streaks on the glass. Then make sure to wipe it clean with the squeegee, making sure to wipe it periodically to remove excess water and soap on the squeegee. Finally, use a soft rag or towel to remove the excess water on your window. You could use the same method for the inside of your windows and other glass furniture.

Clean Wooden Furnishings and Furniture

Cleaning the counterWooden furniture needs waxing and polishing to make it look clean and prevent damage. But if you have antique wooden furniture, you could remove old polish by using tea to wash the wood. The acid from the tea will help keep the wood shiny and remove old polish. But what if your wooden furniture has water stains? You could use baking soda and water to remove the stain. Use a clean damp cloth after and let the furniture surface dry completely.

Then you could use polish to preserve the furniture and keep it shiny and smooth. You can use lemon oil, but you could also use olive oil and vinegar as a polish too. Remember to wipe it along the grain of the wood and then buff it until it shines.

Clean the Floors

Remember that when it comes to floors, you do not use the same treatment. It all depends on the material and area of your home. If you have ceramic and quarry tiles, you only need to sweep the dust and then mop it using a mild detergent, then rinse clean with water. If you want to have a cleaner garage or kitchen floor, you can use a pressure washer to remove stubborn stains and dirt. If you don’t have the equipment for this, you could ask a pressure washing service to do it for you. Wooden floors require a few more steps after mopping with water (no detergent). You need to polish the wood and then buff it to make it shiny.

These are not the only things that will give your house a professional cleaning touch. You still need to declutter, mow the lawn, and dust the furniture. But once you know how to clean your windows, floors and furniture properly, you’re already as good as a professional.

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